Installing on Windows

There are two ways of installing KMyMoney on Windows. Which method you choose depends on what you would like to achieve:

Run the KDE on Windows installer and follow these simple steps

1. Select the source of the installation

Step 1

2. Select the directory where to install KMyMoney (together with the KDE on Windows project files), to uninstall KMyMoney later just delete this folder

Step 2

3. Select the installer's operation mode and the development platform (which compiler was used to build KMyMoney)

Step 3

4. Select a directory where the temporary files will be downloaded (can be deleted after installation)

Step 4

5. If you have a proxy this is the place to configure it

Step 5

6. Select a mirror ( is recommended)

Step 6

7. Select a KDE release (the screenshot is showing 4.5.4 but 4.7.0 is the latest)

Step 7

8. Search for KMyMoney and select it for installation then accept the package list

Step 8

9. Wait for the installation to finish then you can run KMyMoney from the Start menu

Step 9

After KMyMoney was installed follow these simple steps to update it when a new version is available

Update Step 1 Update Step 2 Update Step 3 Update Step 4