KMyMoney Translation

Please contact us on the development mailing list if you are interested in doing a translation or would like to help with a translation. Translations and patches can be submitted to the developers mailing list.

Here is the current status of translation work of HEAD

  Language Last translator Last change POT Status
Flag of Catalan Catalan Orestes Mas 2006-08-28 current
Flag of Czech Czech Marek Stopka 2008-12-14 current
Flag of Denmark Danish Anders Ellenshøj Andersen 2006-01-21 current
Flag of Germany German Markus Drexelius 2009-10-17 current
Flag of Great Britain British Ian Neal 2009-12-16 current
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Argentina) Alvaro Soliverez 2009-06-26 current
Flag of Spain Spanish (Spain) Alvaro Soliverez 2009-06-26 current
Flag of Finnland Suomi Mikael Kujanpää 2009-04-07 current
Flag of France French Patrick PETIT 2009-07-04 current
Flag of Galicia Galician marce villarino 2009-05-08 current
Flag of Italy Italian Sandro Bonazzola 2009-08-17 current
Flag of Lithuania Lithuanian Donatas Glodenis 2006-02-03 current
Flag of Netherlands Dutch 2009-08-30 current
Flag of Poland Polish Robert Gomulka 2007-02-21 current
Flag of Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Marcus Gama 2009-06-26 current
Flag of Portugal Portuguese (Portugal) Jose Jorge 2009-02-07 current
Flag of Romania Romanian Cristian Oneţ 2009-06-25 current
Flag of Russia Russian Andrey Cherepanov 2009-09-18 current
Flag of Slovakia Slovak Juraj Búš 2006-10-18 current
Flag of Sweden Swedish Konrad Skeri 2008-06-13 current
Flag of Turkey Turkish Serdar Soytetir 2008-07-05 current
Flag of China Simplified Chinese Roy Qu 2008-11-12 current

This table is generated from kmymoney.pot at revision 1.32 and the po files found in the CVS branch tagged HEAD and was last updated on Thu, December 17th 2009 07:00:28 UTC(+0000). You can visit WebCVS to check if this is the most recent pot file.


There are several ways in which you can contribute to making translations of KMyMoney into your native language.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Also please let us know about any other useful resources that could be posted here.

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