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Linux Insider

"KMyMoney Is as Simple to Use as Quicken" by Jack M. Germain

Even if you have no prior experience with this type of software, KMyMoney is a win-win solution. The interfaces used in most of those other Linux finance and banking tools are much more cumbersome. KMyMoney has a much lower learning curve. Finance and banking apps each have their diverse purposes, and one size definitely does not fit all users.

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Max Bronsema

"Personal Finance - KMyMoney" by Max Bronsema

...It is straightforward and besides the annoyance of double-entry bookkeeping, does a good job. I am sure I will end up liking double-entry the more I use it. KMyMoney does a good job of sugar coating the accounting...

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LD Jackson

"KMyMoney - A personal finance manager for Linux" by LD Jackson

KMyMoney is a true open-source program that surprised me when I first started using it... I have found it to be a good and dependable piece of software...

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Linux User Magazin (German)

"Buchführung mit KMyMoney - Finanzen im Blick" by Martin Steigerwald

Online-Banking, Kontoauszüge als PDF- das bieten viele Banken heute als Standard. KMyMoney bringt mehr Übersicht ins Spiel und führt nicht nur über Online-Konten Buch.

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"Editor's Note: Favorite Personal Financial Applications" by Carla Schroder

... KMyMoney gets my vote for best personal finance manager. It has a nice readable friendly interface, and manages as many accounts-- bank, credit card, loan, investment, cash, whatever-- as you want. ...

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Home Accounting Management for KDE

KMyMoney is a free and open source program to manage our home accounting and record and record our financial transactions... (Full article is in Spanish)

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Moving to freedom

"Moving from MS Money to KMyMoney" by Scott Carpenter

At last. I'm free of Microsoft Money, and therefore very close to being free of all my old proprietary applications. I've settled on KMyMoney as a capable free-as-in-freedom bookkeeping replacement ...

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"KMyMoney - KDE finance management" by Peter

... Despite that, the application is very powerful, has lots of features and once you've got over the initial interface quirkiness and got to learn it a bit, can be a very formidable solution for money management.

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Associated content

"Watching Your Finances with KMyMoney" by Eric Fleming

... Overall, KMYMoney is an excellent program. As mentioned, initial setup can be a bit of a chore, but once done, entering financial data and transactions is a breeze, and I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get a tighter grip on their financial situation.

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"KMyMoney vs. MS Money" by Eugenia Vlasova

"... De facto I've got all functionality I used in MS Money and I don't have the feeling that KMyMoney misses any of my accounting needs."

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"KDE's free personal financial management program" by Mihai Marinof

"... Fortunately, there are several free applications for Linux that can easily meet and even exceed the capabilities of proprietary programs. So far, KMyMoney stands up from the crowd and reaches the top of downloads and preferences' lists."

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"Gerenciadores financeiros open-source" by Dener Luiz da Silva

"Após apresentarmos os quatro programas, analisando alguns de seus pontos fortes e fracos, procuramos compará -los com base em alguns critérios tais como usuabilidade, curva de aprendizado, segurança dos dados etc..."

Translation:"After we present the four programs, analyzing some of their strong and weak points, we will compare them based on criteria such as usuability, learning curve, security of the data etc..."

Note: This review is in Portuguese. If you don't speak Portuguese, you can still get an idea of what is being said by using an online translation service such as Google language tools or Alta Vista, Bable Fish Translation.

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"KMyMoney: Coming along, but still not there" by Brian Jones
13 November, 2006

"KMyMoney is KDE's personal financial management program. If you don't have complex needs and a lot of history to import, KMyMoney lets you set up accounts, enter transactions, and generate reports easily, and other features are doable with some help from the generous amounts of documentation. However, KMyMoney is not a good choice for small business owners, who need more functionality than it can provide..."

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"Personal finance software for GNU/Linux" by Jem Matzan
8 November, 2005

"Intuit Quicken and Microsoft Money are two popular Windows-based packages for personal financial management. GNU/Linux offers several similar applications -- most of them free software -- that can meet or exceed the capabilities of the proprietary programs. If you can adjust to a different interface, you might find you like one of them more than the better-known alternatives..."

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The Grumpy Editor's guide to personal finance managers (Part II)
29 September, 2005

"Personal finance managers are complex applications, though it is only recently that finance applications available under free licenses have reached anything near the capabilities of the proprietary alternatives. In the first part of this series, your editor introduced the three packages under review (GnuCash, Grisbi, and KMyMoney) and covered the basic tasks of setting up accounts and entering transactions. A good personal finance manager can do more than that, however. So this article, the second and final part of this series, looks at a few advanced features..."

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The Grumpy Editor's guide to personal finance managers (Part I)
15 September, 2005

"There has long been little choice for those wanting a free finance manager, and the available applications have lagged behind the proprietary offerings. Perhaps all those desktop hackers are simply pretending not to notice as their spouses balance their checkbooks with Quicken.

That said, the situation is not all bad. Your editor has managed his eternally frightening finances with free software for some years. In more recent times, the number of available packages with a minimum of useful functionality has grown. So it's time for your editor to put together a review of what's available. Personal finance managers are complex applications; as a result, a comprehensive review will be long. This review will be done in two parts; this part looks at basic account functionality, while the next will cover more advanced features..."

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Written by Mike L.
29 August, 2005

" For those of you who are making the switch from Windows to Linux and use popular finance programs like Quicken, Quickbooks or Microsoft Money, might be amazed at this little and yet free program in KMyMoney. For those who have used GnuCash and pulled their hair out when first learning how to use it KMyMoney is much simpler..."

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Written Victor Agreda, Jr.
9 August, 2005

"While looking for a decent accounting system I stumbled upon KMyMoney, a Personal Finance Manager for KDE. There's a feature set similar to bloated apps like MS-Money and Quicken, but without the bloat. How about QIF import/export (so your accountant stays happy), double-entry accounting (integer-based), support for several currencies, VAT, and support for several types of accounts (like mortgages and savings). It's chock full of wizards to simplify stuff like setting up accounts. There's even support for the GnuCash file format. Plus, you can encrypt your data file to protect it from prying eyes.

Now that's all well and good, but I had to know more about KMyMoney. What motivated the authors? Here's a group of dedicated coders taking on some pretty big names (none of which have really sought the Linux market though). So I asked them about their motivations and got answers that I feel go to the very heart of the open source movement. Read on for the rest of the story..."

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