KMyMoney - Planned Feature List

This is the proposed feature list for KMyMoney with some indications of future development after the current release. Information about the current stable release is available as well. Each version is even indicating that it is stable. When the version is odd that means it is currently under heavy development for the next stable even release and may be subject to significant change.

PS: The features presented here are in no particular order apart from the version the feature is planned for.

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0.8 Release Issues

View the list of issues to be resolved in the Version 0.8 releases.

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1.0 Feature List

Version Feature Description/Notes Status Work Estimate
1.0 Online Banking Provide the ability to communicate with the online banking community. This can be done through OFX, (Microsoft/Intuit standard, used in many UK banks), HBCI (German Only), and/or other technologies present at the time of coding.

The user will be able to download statements/transactions.
Done Large
1.0 Transaction Matcher An advanced transaction matching system, to help the user match imported transactions and payees with existing ones. Done Large
1.0 More Reports Additional reports will be decided by user feedback. Done Medium
1.0 Charting Creating and printing customizable pretty charts for each report. Done Medium
1.0 Templates and Wizards When KMyMoney starts up it offers the user an option to use templates. These templates should create skeleton accounts for typical usages, e.g Home Owner, Car Owner, Credit Card Owner etc. These templates will use wizards to gather information from the user in a simple fashion and provide sensible defaults where necessary. Done Large
1.0 Budgeting Similar to reporting but the user will be able to perform forecasting and create 'what-if' scenarios. Done Large

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Beyond 1.0

Version Feature Description/Notes Status Work Estimate
Online Banking The user will be able to pay bills or transfer money online. Medium
Bill Reminder This is an applet that will run on the taskbar, (or a modified version of KMyMoney), and will monitor the KMyMoney file to create/modify any transactions that have been scheduled. It will prompt for any bills/deposits that are over due and allow the user to intervene if necessary.

Or could be integrating with Kontact to add payment reminders to the user's KDE calendar, and rely on that program's ability to grab the user's attention.
More Printing The ability to print charts, cheques and other convenience items Medium
Scripting To provide for advanced needs a scripting engine will be created or maybe the ability to edit/create reports from within a wizard type interface. Large
Schedule Overhaul the existing schedule system to support the various open requests for enhancement. Large
Formulas Allow to use formulas that reference other entities (e.g. account balances) for scheduled transactions. This comes in handy to add schedules for interest payments. Also formulas might be interesting for some sort of reports. Medium

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