KMyMoney 4.5.0 Notes

The KMyMoney is pleased to announce the release of a stable version for KDE Platform 4. With over 15 months of development, this new version is the starting point of a new series of KMyMoney versions to leverage the stellar features offered by the KDE Platform.

Throughout this effort, our focus has been to maintain feature-parity with previous versions, maintaining and improving the high level of quality that your personal financial data deserve. This version has gone through an intensive testing, allowing us to find and fix many bugs and improve the usability of the application.

Along the way, we did manage to add some new features:

Since the release candidate in May, about 70 bugs were fixed, and over 400 commits were made to the code alone, not including documentation and translations. The application is now fully Qt4 native and is ready to accept new features.

In the process, we are also moving from Sourceforge to KDE. For this release, we have created a new mailing list for users only,, which replaces the kmymoney2-users list.

The release of a stable version for KDE4 also marks the beginning of the end for the KDE3 series. In maintenance mode since 1.0.0, it is progressively going into frozen state. New features will be added to the KDE4-series only, with the KDE3 code receiving only critical fixes.

All in all, we believe that the port to KDE4 has grown a better application, and even more important, a better team. We have asked you for patience while we took this much needed step, now are ready to start adding new features again. Right after we take some a deep breath and some rest, because this has been very stressful to all of us.

The KMyMoney Development Team