KMyMoney 0.8 Notes

The KMyMoney development team is pleased to announce a major step forward for what has been described as "the easiest personal money tool out there", with the first public availability of a new development release, version 0.9.

This offers many new features and improvements over the existing, stable, 0.8 series; see below for just some of these.

It should be emphasised however that this is a development release, and as such some of the newer features may not be fully functional. Releases like this are also termed 'unstable', so as such, it is advisable when using it to ensure that you maintain frequent backups of your files, including your current (version 0.8) file. That being said, most of the developers themselves have, of course, been entrusting their own data to this new release for some time!

One aspect which (as is not uncommon for open source software) is particularly lacking is up-to-date documentation. Be assured that we are working on this aspect, and any offers of help will be appreciated. Now for the good news.

New Features

Major Enhancements

Many enhancements have been made to existing functionality, to improve your user experience. Among the foremost of these are the following:

Coming along

Work on provision of the ability to store your financial data in one of the popular relational databases is in an advanced state. It was only withheld from this release pending some performance improvements.

As mentioned above, work on providing more comprehensive budgetting and forecasting features is also under way.


Some translations of some of the texts and messages used in this release into languages other than English are already available. See the 'Help make a translation' link at for details of progress on this. (The status of this release will be roughly similar to that of HEAD.)

If you have some fluency in any of the languages which are not yet translated, or which have a low percentage of completion, your help would be welcomed. No great technical expertise is required, though a knowledge of personal finance terminology would obviously be useful. Initial contact should be made to the developer mailing list, see below.

Technical Issues

This release is still dependent on versions 3 of the KDE Desktop Environment and the Qt toolkit. Though it has been known to work in a KDE4 environment, the development (for building from source code) and runtime versions of these products must also be installed.

Some caveats

Once you have updated your file and saved it under the new release, it may still be possible to read it under the older, 0.8, versions, but this is not guaranteed. Hence the warning above, to preserve a backup of your current file.

If you are currently running a 0.8 version of this product which you built from source code ('cvs'), it is highly advisable to uninstall it ('make uninstall', 'make clean') before installing this release.

Bugs and Problems

We are eager for as many people as possible to help us by reporting any problems or bugs which may be encountered in this release. Please report them either to the developer mailing list at, or via the 'Report a bug' link at

The developer list can also be used for any offers of help in documentation, translation or programming.

We thank you all for your support.

The KMyMoney Development Team