KMyMoney 0.8.7 Notes

The KMyMoney development team are pleased to announce the release of their latest update to the stable branch of the product, known as Release 0.8.7.

The Change Log below details the fixes made since the last release, including correction of a few errors, and some interesting improvements to the user interface.

Once again, there are a number of enhancements relevant to internationalization, with a number of new and updated translations.

The source tarball for this package can be downloaded from our Sourceforge download page.
Should you need any further information or advice, feel free to contact us on one of our mailing lists: -for usage questions -for installation problems.

Sourceforge and other bug report fixes

  • Fixed #1723325 (Cannot quit the program)
  • Application fixes

  • Fixed crash when online price update for exchange rate failed
  • Better detection of write errors in encrypted files
  • Better detection of disk full scenario during writing
  • GUI changes

  • Applied backport patch provided by Andreas Engel to support the 'use system color' setting.
  • Use dash as standard separator if no short date format is recognized
  • Fixed sorting of ledger entries (esp. with empty string fields)
  • Fixed a problem with displaying numbers with high precision
  • Applied patch provided by Andreas Engel to support font changes in the views
  • Internationalization issues

  • Added Chinese translation, desktop entries and default accounts template as provided by Roy Qu
  • Updated Czech translation provided by Jiří Mikulášek
  • Added Dutch translation as provided by Johan van der Lingen
  • Updated Italian translation as provided by Vincenzo Reale
  • Added Russian translation, "what's new" file and "home page" as provided by Andrey Cherepanov
  • Added new account template files for Spain (Spanish and Galician) as provided by MVillarino
  • Added partial Swedish translation as provided by Stefan Nilsen
  • Added Moldavian Leu as currency
  • Added Euro conversion rates for MTL (Maltese Lira) and CYP (Cyprus Pound)
  • Fixed miscellaneous internationalization problems reported by Anrey Cherepanov
  • Use KDE controlled date format for kschedulebriefwidget
  • Report changes

  • Don't append currency id to account name if not foreign currency when creating CSV export of reports
  • Remove deleted accounts from reports when loading a file
  • Build changes

  • Avoid ambiguity between FALSE and false to allow building for the 'fink' environment
  • We would like to thank the many people who have contributed to making this release what it is today including those who have submitted code and the many users who have given valuable input and feedback.

    We invite you to try KMyMoney 0.8.7. We are sure you will love it.

    The KMyMoney Development Team