KMyMoney 0.8.6 Notes

The KMyMoney team is pleased to announce the availability of Release 0.8.6.

The Change Log details the fixes made since the last release in the correction of errors, and in a few improvements to the user interface.

Many enhancements have also been made in issues of internationalization. In addition to a number of new and updated translations, several internal changes have been made to enable more comprehensive translations to be produced.

The source tarball for this package can be downloaded from the KMyMoney SourceForge page. Should you need any further information or advice, feel free to contact us on one of our mailing lists: -for usage questions -for installation problems.

Sourceforge and other bug report fixes

  • Fixed Debian #412264 (Crashes when updating the amount of a scheduled transaction to zero)
  • Fixed #1327943 where the user could not abort a QIF import with bad date formats
  • Added online help for new investment wizard; partially addresses #1506390
  • Fixed #1557049 (Difference amount not updated when modifying a transaction)
  • Internationalization issues

  • New Argentinian translation provided by Alvaro Soliverez
  • New Slovakian translation provided by Juraj Búš
  • New partial Czech translation provided by Jiří Mikulášek
  • Updated Portuguese translation provided by José JORGE
  • Updated German translation
  • Updated Polish translation provided by Robert Gomułka
  • Updated Spanish and Galician translation provided by M Villarino
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated Italian translation provided by Vincenzo Reale
  • Support all UTF-8 characters in schedule list items and account editor dialog caption
  • Added Slovenian Tolar to the ancient currencies
  • Corrected ISO code for new Turkish Lira and added old Turkish Lira to the list of ancient currencies
  • GUI changes

  • Added ability to print home page
  • Fixed rounding problems with automatic VAT assignment
  • Fixed problem when modifying values in a transaction that has a VAT part
  • Fixed date widget keyboard behaviour for Up/Down cursor key
  • Fixed problem with customization of list background colors
  • Scheduled transaction fixes

  • Fixed a problem detecting finished schedules
  • Don't allow to remove account if still referenced from schedule
  • Don't create a scheduled transaction containing splits without an account reference
  • Fixed a problem in determining the next payment of schedules that start in the future (Patch and test case provided by David Houlden)
  • Online banking changes

  • Improved detection of KBanking support
  • KBanking default is now auto-detection
  • Build system changes

  • Fixed a problem with detection of VPATH environment in Makefiles Thanks to Bob Ewart for reporting
  • Added support for automake 1.10
  • Use include path given with --with-extra-includes during OpenSP detection
  • Fixed prevention of using unsermake on some systems
  • Added -lkdeui to the link phase of the kbanking plugin (was missing)
  • Miscellaneous changes

  • Fixed lockup when using the 'open existing KMyMoney file' option on the welcome page
  • Fixed a memory leak and crash when a second instance of KMyMoney is aborted
  • Fixed a memory leak and crash when starting with option '--help'
  • Disable the search button of the FindTransaction dialog if no selection has been made in order to prevent crashes
  • We would like to thank the many people who have contributed to making this release what it is today including those who have submitted code and the many users who have given valuable input and feedback.

    We invite you to try KMyMoney 0.8.6. We are sure you will love it.

    The KMyMoney Development Team