KMyMoney 0.8.5 Notes

The KMyMoney team is pleased to announce the availability of Release 0.8.5.

This is an update to our latest stable release, and contains some bug fixes and user interface improvements. Some build system changes will help in implementing the application on a wide selection of platforms. Improvements to the file importers (GnuCash and QIF) will hopefully encourage those of you who haven't yet tried KMyMoney to give it a go, and a new introductory chapter in the User Manual should help get you under way more easily. Last, but not least, there are some updated translations for our non-English speaking users.

The source tarball for this package can be downloaded from the KMyMoney sourceforge page. Should you need any further information or advice, feel free to contact us on one of our mailing lists: -for usage questions -for installation problems.

Sourceforge and other bug report fixes

  • Fixed #1286006 (Slow response after online price update)
  • Fixed #1514522 (Zero-amount transfer transaction leads to crash)
  • Fixed #1505732 (Frequent crash on changing/opening file)
  • GUI changes

  • Improved online stock quotes so the 'Update all' continues even if one stock is unable to be updated, and added a dialog to prompt the user whether he wants to disable online quotes for this stock in this case.
  • Don't show price/value if price information is invalid
  • Fixed tax transaction report, which was erroneously including transfers
  • Fixed problem opening encrypted files which reported an error when a read operation was finished before open gets around to check for the presence of the process.
  • GnuCash importer changes

  • Add non UTF-8 support (manual selection)
  • Support for GnuCash V2.0 files (not fully complete)
  • Handle some additional account and schedule types
  • Preserve account's tax-related status
  • Remove unnecessary 'Unknown payee' references
  • QIF importer changes

  • Added %m-%d-%yyyy date format to QIF profile
  • Added a file filter (e.g. *.qif) to QIF profile when an input filter is used. (Addresses RFE #1172030)
  • Modified bank ID handling for QIF files so the ID's are handled the same as other imported statements.
  • Build system changes

  • Fixed build environment required for debian builds
  • Added patch provided by David Houlden to support automake and autoheader 2.6
  • Fixed usage of --enable-final configure option
  • Documentation changes

  • Added chapter 'Making most of KMyMoney' to manual
  • Updated user manual for deleting accounts
  • Internationalization issues

  • Updated translations
    - German from Thomas Baumgart
    - Italian from Vincenzo Reale
    - Spanish and Galician from mvillarino
    - Brazilian from Marcus Gama
    - Catalan from Orestes Mas

  • Applied patch provided by Edward Macfarlane Smith changing checking account into current account (en_GB "translation")
  • Correct currency code for Mexican Peso to MXN
  • Miscellaneous changes

  • Modified the anonymizer so that the autoCalc value is not modified
  • We would like to thank the many people who have contributed to making this release what it is today including those who have submitted code and the many users who have given valuable input and feedback.

    We invite you to try KMyMoney 0.8.5. We are sure you will love it.

    The KMyMoney Development Team