KMyMoney 0.8.2 Notes

The KMyMoney team is pleased to announce the availability of Release 0.8.2.

This is an update to our latest stable release, and contains a number of fixes to bugs and some improvements and fixes to the user interface. There are also some new translations and miscellaneous changes, all of which should help to make your usage of the application even easier.

The source tarball for this package can be downloaded from the KMyMoney sourceforge page. Should you need any further information or advice, feel free to contact us on one of our mailing lists: -for usage questions -for installation problems.

Sourceforge and KDE bug report fixes

  • Fixed #1390918 (Can't use more than 2 decimal places in manual price update)
  • Fixed #1318972 (Currency symbol for foreign stock mis-displayed after quote)
  • Fixed #1323166 (Investment balances on homepage are the number of shares) based on patch provided by Maik Hinrichs
  • Fixed #1348087 (Save not enabled)
  • Fixed KDE #116914 (properties->online quotes window too small)
  • Fixed KDE bug #117044 (Install the 48x48 application icon)
  • GUI improvements

  • Improve column sizing in Investment Transaction view
  • Added patch supplied by Bjorn Helgaas to preset the default currency when creating a file
  • Fixed new account dialog to assign currency to returned account object
  • Fixed display suppression of unused categories
  • Applied patch provided by Erik Johansson to right align fields, show sort indicators and remember layout in session.
  • Fixed calculation of net-worth in views
  • QIF import fix

  • Added %m.%d.%yy and %m.%d.%yyyy as new date formats
  • Internationalization issues

  • Added support for new Romanian Leu
  • Updated Italian translation provided by Vincenzo Reale
  • Add updated gl.po (Galician translation) provided by Marcellino
  • Miscellaneous changes

  • Added command line option -n to startup without the last file opened
  • Better handling of missing &...; sequences in HTML returned during online quotes.
  • Added patch required for gcc 4.1 as provided by Stephan Binner
  • Payee email address was getting lost
  • We would like to thank the many people who have contributed to making this release what it is today including those who have submitted code and the many users who have given valuable input and feedback.

    We invite you to try KMyMoney 0.8.2. We are sure you will love it.

    The KMyMoney Development Team