Version management

At certain times to be defined by the project's administrators (actually configuration manager) a snapshot is taken from the repository. In order to fix the stage of this snapshot in the repository, a tag is placed on this stage. Tagging the repository creates a version of the project.

Layout of the version numbers

The version number is made out of three numeric fields. These are:

  1. The major release number

  2. The minor release number

  3. The micro release number

In order to serve as a tag for CVS, the text rel- is prepended to the version numbers and the three fields are seperated with a dash (e.g. rel-0-3-7).

The major release number will be changed when all the proposed features mentioned in the release plan (available on the project web-site) are designedi, coded and tested.

One of the objectives of the minor release number is to differentiate between stable and unstable versions of the project. As a widely accepted procedure, odd numbers are used for development versions, even numbers identify stable versions. Whenever the configuration manager decides that to create a new stable release, this will also bump the version number of the unstable release by two.

The micro release number is reset to 0 when the minor release number is incremented and then incremented with each version following until the minor release number is modified again. Versions tagged between the creation of a stable branch and the actual release -0 of this branch will be identified by a micro release number of pren, where n is incremented each time a version is tagged.