Chapter 10. Problem Management

Table of Contents

Reporting problems
Referencing problems
Problem attributes
Reported By
Severity level

This chapter is a first draft. It contains some ideas that have to be validated by the developer community.

Reporting problems

Problems (that covers errors, enhancement request, etc.) concerning the KMyMoney project are maintained using the SourceForge.net platform. This is the sole location, where problems have to be reported. The source for such a problem report can be one of the developers or any other user of KMyMoney.

Referencing problems

Once added to the database, the problem will be assigned a unique problem number. This number must be mentioned whenever the problem is referenced (e.g. in the subject of a mail to the developer mailing-list, a checkin comment or an entry in the ChangeLog file). To allow searches for the number, a specific format has to be used for these references. The format is #assigned-number, e.g. #481229.