Merging an old po file with an updated pot file

There are cases when the pot file is regenerated before you can send your updated po file. If you just commit your file after that, it will show up as old in the translation stats, because it references an outdated pot file.

To fix this, you have to merge the po file with the updated pot file. First, get the latest pot file. And in the po folder, run this command.

  thb:~/kmymoney2/po> make -f ../admin/Makefile.common package-merge POFILES="de.po" PACKAGE=kmymoney2

You can merge multiple po files at the same time. Just list them in the POFILES option.

  thb:~/kmymoney2/po> make -f ../admin/Makefile.common package-merge POFILES="de.po es.po" PACKAGE=kmymoney2