Dismissing changes

It happens, that a developer tries to modify the source to gain a certain functionality and then wants to discard the changes. This is no problem at all with CVS. All the developer needs to do is to remove the file in the sandbox and run the update command of CVS. This will transfer the original version of the file in question to the sandbox.

Let's assume, that the changes made to knewbankdlg.cpp as outlined in a previous chapter should be dismissed. The following commands perform this operation:

Example A.6. Reverting changes made to the sandbox

  thb:~> cvs -q upd
  M knewbankdlg.cpp
  thb:~> rm knewbankdlg.cpp
  thb:~> cvs -q upd
  U knewbankdlg.cpp
  thb:~> cvs -q upd