Updating the Makefile

You will need to edit file Makefile.am in the dialogs source folder before building KMyMoney. Note that due to the abstruse rules of make, the lists of files should consist of a single logical line, so be careful regarding any editor options which may cause automatic insertion of line breaks. You can however use a continuation character of backslash to spread the list over multiple physical lines. There must be no character following the continuation character, not even a blank.

- Add <kn>dlgdecl.ui and <kn>dlg.cpp to the libdialogs_a_SOURCES line

- Add <kn>dlgdecl.ui to EXTRA_DIST

- Add <kn>dlgdecl.cpp and <kn>dlgdecl.h to DISTCLEANFILES

- Add <kn>dlg.h to NOINST_HEADERS

Save the file, and you are ready to build KMyMoney. For the first build after updating Makefile.am you should re-run 'make -f Makefile.dist', reconfigure and make. Otherwise, some make rules might not be present and compiling fails.

That's all, simple wasn't it.