Creating a new stable release

The procedure that needs to be followed is defined in a previous chapter. On the first glimpse, it seems rather complecated but it is not.

If you follow the procedure as it has been defined, you will understand the commands in our example. I assume to have a current unstable version of 0.3.x which will result in the stable version 0.4 and the next development version of 0.5.x. Further on, I assume, that I already differentiate between development and release directories. Also, the version number maintained with KDevelop is setup correctly (0.4.pre1) and all files are checked into the repository.

Example A.10. Creating a new stable branch

  thb:~> cd devel/kmymoney2
  thb:~/devel/kmymoney2> cvs tag rel-0-4-pre1
  thb:~/devel/kmymoney2> cvs tag -b rel-0-4-branch

  Now modify the version number in KDevelop to 0.5.0, regenerate the files and
  checkin the changes as usual.

  thb:~/devel/kmymoney2> cvs tag rel-0-5-base


Because I know, that I will need the branch sooner or later to fix some problems, I continue to check it out into the stable directory. See Keeping different branches on the same machine for details.