Announce a new version

Once the file is visible on the internet, people need to be informed about the new release. Besides that, the project maintains certain pages, where information about the current release is kept. These pages need to be updated.

Announce new version via File Release System

The SourceForge File Release System allows to send a short mail about the release of a package to registered recipients. On the bottom of the page where the uploaded file is moved into the file space of KMyMoney a checkbox can be activated to send out such a mail. This method should only be used for a new source tar-ball release.

Update information about release on web-sites

Certain web-sites exist that keep version information about KMyMoney. They need to be updated.

  1. The news system for KMyMoney on SourceForge.net: Create a news entry on https://sourceforge.net/projects/kmymoney2.

  2. The KMyMoney web-site at http://kmymoney2.sourceforge.net/: Update all version info for the stable and development releases and update the links to the source tar-balls.

  3. The KMyMoney web-site at http://www.kde-apps.arg/: Add the release notes and update the version and minimum requirements.

  4. The KMyMoney web-site at http://kmymoney2.sourceforge.net/: Update the links to the latest stable and development release. If you created a fresh stable release, comment the development release entry.

Announce new version on mailing lists

Write a short mail and send it to the developer- and user-mailing list of the project, so that all subscribed recipients are informed about the new release. Add links to the project web-site and the www.kde-apps.org page of the project.