These options allow you to modify the behaviour of the transaction registers.

Display tab

Show a grid in the register

Show grid lines in the transaction register.

Use the ledger lens

With this option enabled, the ledger will show all lines of detail for the transaction you have currently selected, even if you have set the Show Transaction Detail menu option turned off.

Show transaction form

Show the transaction form at the bottom of the transaction register for entering and editing transactions. With this option turned off, you edit the transaction within the register itself.

Always show a No. field

Always have the number (“No.”) field when entering or editing a transaction.

Show group header between transactions

Display group headers in the register

Show header for the previous and current fiscal year

Display group headers for the current and the previous fiscal year

Sorting tab

Normal view tab

Choose the sort order of the ledger while in the Normal view.

Reconciliation view tab

Choose the sort order of the ledger while in the Reconciliation view.

Search view tab

Choose the sort order of the ledger while in the Search view.

Data Entry tab

Insert transaction type into No. field for new transactions

Automatically place the type of the transaction, e.g., Deposit, Withdrawal, etc., in the No. field.

Auto increment check number

Have the check number automatically increment whenever entering a new check transaction.

Keep changes when selecting a different transaction/split

When enabled, selecting a different transaction or split will save edits to the current transaction.

When disabled, selecting a different transaction will cancel them. Instead, you must explicitly accept the changes.

Use Enter to move between fields

When enabled, pressing Enter will change the focus to the next field of the transaction form.

Match names from start

Mark this option if you always want to match names e.g., for payees from the start. If unset, any substring is matched

Default reconciliation state

Select the default reconciliation state for new transactions.

Auto fill with previous transaction data

Select the desired behavior for autofill or deactivate it

  • No Autofill

  • Same transaction if amount differs less than X percent

    When entering a new transaction with this option, KMyMoney will display a list of previous transaction for the payee and account. If previous transactions differ in less than X percent, they will be considered identical. If the percentage is 0, all previous transactions for the payee and account will be displayed. When selecting a transaction, all transactions details except the date will be autofilled with those of the selected transaction.

  • With previously most often used transaction for the payee

    When entering a new transaction with this option enabled, KMyMoney will fill in all the transaction details based on the previously most often used transaction with the selected payee.

Import tab

Match transaction within days

Search for matching transactions within the range of the imported transaction +/- given days

Ask for a new payee's default category

Whenever a new payee is detected during an import, the user will be asked for the default category for the payee.