These options allow you to modify the forecast options.

Number of days to forecast

Select how many days you want to forecast. The default is 90 days

Number of days of account cycle

The normal number of days that your commonly-used accounts go through an income-expense cycle. For example, if you receive your salary on a monthly basis, you should select 30 days here.

Day of month to start forecast

Select the day of the month when you want to start the forecast. This would usually be the day when you receive your salary or other income.

Forecast Method

The forecast method to be used.

Scheduled and future transaction forecasts your balance based on the information of your scheduled and future transactions.

History-based uses your past transactions to extrapolate a forecast.

Number of cycles to use in forecast

If using a history-based method, how many previous account cycles should KMyMoney use to calculate the forecast.

History forecast method

Select the method to use when calculating a forecast based on historic information

Simple moving average averages your past transactions to calculate a forecast.

Weighted moving average averages your past transactions, but it will give more importance to the most recent transactions.

Linear regression uses a linear-regression formula based on your past transactions to calculate the forecast