The new schedule dialog

New Schedule

A new dialog window is now shown, prompting for the schedule and transaction data. The requested data includes the following:

  1. Schedule Name

  2. Next due date

  3. Frequency

  4. Payment method

  5. Amount

  6. Other transaction details

  7. Schedule options

Filling in the fields

Enter the name and the date of the next occurrence of this schedule into their respective fields. The name is how the schedule will be shown in the list view. Specify how often the schedule should occur, using the Frequency field and drop down list. For example "every 6 weeks" or "every 3 months". If the amount varies transaction to transaction make sure to check the Estimate check box and you will be prompted for the correct amount when it is entered into the ledger. Fill in all the transaction fields as you would normally with the ledger view.

Modifying the schedule behavior

At the bottom of the dialog are some optional fields that can modify how the schedule behaves. If the schedule occurs on a weekend you can choose whether to enter the transaction on the weekend day, the previous Friday, or the next Monday. Typically this option is used to replicate some real world operation such as a bank transaction.

Letting KMyMoney enter the transaction into the register

To let KMyMoney automatically enter the transaction for you when needed, make sure that the check box labeled Enter this schedule into the ledger automatically when it is due is checked. Otherwise, when the transaction is due to be entered, KMyMoney will open a dialog box asking you to confirm that you want it to be entered. This behavior is configurable, and more information can be found in the Settings section.

Letting KMyMoney know when the schedule will finish

If you know how many transactions are left or when they are due to finish, this information can be entered so the transactions are not entered indefinitely. Check the appropriate check box and enter the appropriate information. Only the date or the number of transactions remaining is needed because the other can be calculated.

When you have entered all the necessary information click on OK to continue.