The calendar view

The calendar tab presents the schedules in a calendar format so it is easier to see when they occur. To switch to the calendar view click on the Calendar View tab.

Calendar View

The calendar type can be changed using the Select Style button. Currently only two types exist: Week and Month. The monthly view is the default, and is usually the most useful. Navigate through the dates using the controls as you would with the date input control.

On any day with scheduled transactions, the number of transactions scheduled for that day is displayed on the calendar.

To view the schedule(s) that fall on that day, move the mouse cursor over the highlight and a popup window will be displayed allowing you to view the schedule summary.

If more than one schedule falls on that day you can cycle through them using the arrow buttons in the upper corners of the popup window.

If you find that the display is cluttered with schedules and you only want to view one type of schedule, then this is possible from the Select Schedules dropdown. After clicking on this button the different schedule types are listed and are checked by default

To remove a type from the calendar view simply uncheck it in the list.