Additional Payee Details

Personal Information

To view and edit the personal information associated with a particular payee, select the payee from the list and select the Address tab. To modify this information, edit the detail area directly and press the Update button when finished.

Personal information

Transaction Matching Settings


KMyMoney has the ability to automatically assign the proper payee to imported transactions. This can be handy when importing transactions from your bank, when the payee name has extra unnecessary characters, or worse, if the payee names change.

For example, let's say your monthly mortgage payment comes in from your bank like this “SUNTRUST BANK MAPLE VALLEY, GA 111506” one month and then “SUNTRUST BANK MAPLE VALLEY, GA 121606” the next month. You would really like both of those transactions to be assigned simply to your payee “SunTrust”. The transaction matching feature is for you!

Payee matching details

Setting up

From the Matching tab, you can set the Transaction Matching Settings. You have 3 major options:

  • No Matching. Disables the feature for this payee. This is the default setting for all payees.

  • Match on Payee Name. Enables the feature, and uses the payee name itself as the Match Key

  • Match on Key. Enables the feature, and allows you to enter one or more Match Keys of your choosing. In general, entering a plain string will work perfectly. However, the match keys are actually regular expressions, so it is possible to match on more complicated patterns.

You can also choose whether you want to ignore the case of the Match Key. If you choose this option, the Match Key “SunTrust” would match “SUNTRUST BANK” or “SunTrust Bank”.

Importing Transactions

When you import transactions using the QIF import, or using a plugin such as OFX or AqBanking, the Match Keys you have set will be considered. If the Match Key for one of your payees is found anywhere in the payee of the imported transaction, the corresponding payee from your list will be assigned to that transaction. Thus, a Match Key of “SunTrust” will match “SUNTRUST BANK MAPLE VALLEY,GA” or even “MORGENSUNTRUST&LOAN”. So choose your Match Keys carefully.


If a transaction payee matches more than one Match Key, the behaviour is undefined. KMyMoney will arbitrarily pick one of the matching payees.