Chapter 10. Ledgers

Michael T. Edwardes

Roger Lum

Revision 1.0 (2009-07-23)

Table of Contents

The Ledger View
The filter area
The transaction list
The transaction input form
Entering Transactions
Using the transaction input form
The fields of a transaction
Directly inputting transactions into the list
Starting the edit
Split Transactions
Editing transactions
Deleting transactions
Matching Transactions
Understanding the Cleared State
Changing Transaction Settings
Other Functionality

The Ledger View

The Ledger view is where most of the functionality of KMyMoney lies. This view is for examining and entering transaction data in the various accounts. The view is split into three main areas: the filter area, the transaction list, and the input area.

This view allows for several key actions: searching and viewing transactions, entering new transactions, and editing or deleting existing transactions. Other functionality includes modifying account details and reconciling the account.

Ledger View

The view has three elements:

  • The filter area

  • The transaction list

  • The transaction input form, which may or may not appear, depending upon your configuration.

The filter area

Filter area

You can select an account via the account dropdown list at the top of the view area. Note that depending upon the type of the account the transaction input form at the bottom of the view changes.

To the right of the account dropdown list, are two additional fields. The search box acts as a filter on the transactions that are shown in the list view. Only transactions that include the text typed in the search box are displayed. The text specified can be in any of the fields of the transaction. The status field is a dropdown list. Only transactions of the type selected in that dropdown are displayed.

The transaction list

Transaction list

After you have entered a transaction, it is displayed in the transaction list. You can also change transaction properties or even create new transactions directly in the list. In the transactions list, the default arrangement of transactions is sorted by date with the most recent transaction on the bottom. Clicking the Right Mouse Button on the header of the transaction list brings up a dialog that allows you to change the sort order of the transactions. You can change the default sort order in the Sorting tab section of the KMyMoney Settings Chapter.

The transaction input form

The exact layout of the bottom area of the ledger view depends on your configuration and the type of account being displayed. However, it generally includes fields for all the details of a single transaction, as well as buttons for various actions that can apply to a transaction. It is described in more detail in the following sections.