Chapter 17. Budgets

Colin Wright <cdwright@gwi.net>

Revision 1.0 (2009-08-03)

Table of Contents

What is a budget?
Your budgets
Creating, changing, and deleting budgets
Account List
Update and Revert
Budget Reports

What is a budget?

A budget is a categorized list of expected income and expenses for a period.

The Budget facility of KMyMoney allows you to create annual budgets. More than one Budget can be created for any year. You set monthly Budget values against any Income or Expense categories that you have defined. The values can be set in three ways, depending on the Period:


(Default) specify a single value applied to every month in the Budget


specify a single value to divide evenly across each month in the Budget


specify separate values for each month.

This is used for income and expenses spread irregularly through the year.

KMyMoney provides a number of reports which compare actual income and expenses against the entered Budgets.