Budget Reports

KMyMoney provides a number of reports to compare actual income and expenses against Budgets. These are listed in Reports under "Budgeting". There are two types of Reports:

Budget only

Reports displaying values from a Budget: Monthly Budget Displays the monthly values from a Budget. Yearly Budget Displays the monthly values from a Budget, with yearly total.

Compare Budget and Actual

Reports comparing values from a Budget to actual income and expenses: Budget vs. Actual This Year Month-by-month comparison for the current year so far, with total. Monthly Budget vs. Actual Month-by-month comparison, defaulting to the current month. Yearly Budgeted vs. Actual Month-by-month comparison for the whole of the current year, with total. These reports provide a base from which custom reports can be created by changing the date range and Budget. Of the Budget reports, only the "Budget vs. Actual This Year" does not allow the Budget to be changed.