OfxPartner Namespace Reference


void setDirectory (const QString &dir)
void ValidateIndexCache (void)
OfxFiServiceInfo ServiceInfo (const QString &fipid)
QValueList< QString > BankNames (void)
QValueList< QString > FipidForBank (const QString &bank)

Function Documentation

QValueList<QString> OfxPartner::BankNames ( void   ) 

QValueList<QString> OfxPartner::FipidForBank ( const QString &  bank  ) 

OfxFiServiceInfo OfxPartner::ServiceInfo ( const QString &  fipid  ) 

void OfxPartner::setDirectory ( const QString &  dir  ) 

setup the directory where the files will be stored. dir must end with a '/' and must exist. Call this before any other of the functions of OfxPartner. The default will be to store the files in the current directory.

void OfxPartner::ValidateIndexCache ( void   ) 

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