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#include <listtable.h>

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reports::ReportTable reports::ObjectInfoTable reports::QueryTable
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Public Member Functions

 ListTable (const MyMoneyReport &)
QString renderHTML (void) const
QString renderCSV (void) const
void drawChart (KReportChartView &) const
void dump (const QString &file, const QString &context=QString()) const
void init (void)
QValueList< TableRowrows ()

Protected Member Functions

void render (QString &, QString &) const
void includeInvestmentSubAccounts (void)

Protected Attributes

QValueList< TableRowm_rows
QString m_group
QString m_columns
QString m_subtotal
QString m_postcolumns
QString m_summarize
QString m_propagate
MyMoneyReport m_config


class  TableRow

Detailed Description

Calculates a query of information about the transaction database.

This is a middle-layer class, between the implementing classes and the engine. The MyMoneyReport class holds only the CONFIGURATION parameters. This class has some common methods used by querytable and objectinfo classes

Alvaro Soliverez

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

reports::ListTable::ListTable ( const MyMoneyReport  ) 

Member Function Documentation

QString reports::ListTable::renderHTML ( void   )  const [virtual]

Implements reports::ReportTable.

QString reports::ListTable::renderCSV ( void   )  const [virtual]

Implements reports::ReportTable.

void reports::ListTable::drawChart ( KReportChartView  )  const [inline, virtual]

Implements reports::ReportTable.

void reports::ListTable::dump ( const QString &  file,
const QString &  context = QString() 
) const [virtual]

Implements reports::ReportTable.

void reports::ListTable::init ( void   ) 

QValueList<TableRow> reports::ListTable::rows (  )  [inline]

void reports::ListTable::render ( QString &  ,
QString &   
) const [protected]

void reports::ListTable::includeInvestmentSubAccounts ( void   )  [protected]

If not in expert mode, include all subaccounts for each selected investment account

Member Data Documentation

QString reports::ListTable::m_group [protected]

QString reports::ListTable::m_columns [protected]

Comma-separated list of columns to place BEFORE the subtotal column

QString reports::ListTable::m_subtotal [protected]

Name of the subtotal column

QString reports::ListTable::m_postcolumns [protected]

Comma-separated list of columns to place AFTER the subtotal column

QString reports::ListTable::m_summarize [protected]

QString reports::ListTable::m_propagate [protected]

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