kMyMoneyDateInput Class Reference

#include <kmymoneydateinput.h>

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Public Slots

virtual void show (void)


void dateChanged (const QDate &date)

Public Member Functions

 kMyMoneyDateInput (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, Qt::AlignmentFlags flags=Qt::AlignLeft)
 ~kMyMoneyDateInput ()
QDate date (void) const
void setDate (QDate date)
void loadDate (const QDate &date)
void resetDate (void)
QWidgetfocusWidget (void) const
virtual void setRange (const QDate &min, const QDate &max)
void markAsBadDate (bool bad=false, const QColor &=QColor())

Protected Slots

void slotDateChosen (QDate date)
void toggleDatePicker ()

Protected Member Functions

void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *k)
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
bool eventFilter (QObject *o, QEvent *e)

Private Slots

void slotDateChosenRef (const QDate &date)
void fixSize (void)

Private Attributes

KDatePicker * m_datePicker
QDate m_date
QDate m_prevDate
Qt::AlignmentFlags m_qtalignment
KPushButton * m_dateButton
KPassivePopup * m_datePopup
int m_focusDatePart

Detailed Description

This class provides the general widget used for date selection throughout the KMyMoney project. It provides an QDateEdit widget which is based on an edit field with spin boxes and adds a QPushButton to open a KDatePicker.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

kMyMoneyDateInput::kMyMoneyDateInput ( QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0,
Qt::AlignmentFlags  flags = Qt::AlignLeft 

kMyMoneyDateInput::~kMyMoneyDateInput (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

QDate kMyMoneyDateInput::date ( void   )  const

void kMyMoneyDateInput::setDate ( QDate  date  ) 

void kMyMoneyDateInput::loadDate ( const QDate &  date  ) 

void kMyMoneyDateInput::resetDate ( void   ) 

QWidget* kMyMoneyDateInput::focusWidget ( void   )  const

virtual void kMyMoneyDateInput::setRange ( const QDate &  min,
const QDate &  max 
) [inline, virtual]

void kMyMoneyDateInput::markAsBadDate ( bool  bad = false,
const QColor &  = QColor() 

virtual void kMyMoneyDateInput::show ( void   )  [virtual, slot]

void kMyMoneyDateInput::dateChanged ( const QDate &  date  )  [signal]

void kMyMoneyDateInput::keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent *  k  )  [protected]

  • increments/decrements the date upon +/- key input
  • increments/decrements the date upon Up/Down key input
  • sets the date to current date when the 'T' key is pressed. The actual key for this to happen might be overridden through an i18n package. The 'T'-key is always possible.

void kMyMoneyDateInput::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent *   )  [protected]

bool kMyMoneyDateInput::eventFilter ( QObject o,
QEvent *  e 
) [protected]

To intercept events sent to focusWidget()

void kMyMoneyDateInput::slotDateChosen ( QDate  date  )  [protected, slot]

void kMyMoneyDateInput::toggleDatePicker (  )  [protected, slot]

void kMyMoneyDateInput::slotDateChosenRef ( const QDate &  date  )  [private, slot]

void kMyMoneyDateInput::fixSize ( void   )  [private, slot]

Member Data Documentation

KDatePicker* kMyMoneyDateInput::m_datePicker [private]

QDate kMyMoneyDateInput::m_date [private]

Qt::AlignmentFlags kMyMoneyDateInput::m_qtalignment [private]

KPushButton* kMyMoneyDateInput::m_dateButton [private]

KPassivePopup* kMyMoneyDateInput::m_datePopup [private]

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