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#include <knewaccountwizard.h>

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void createInstitution (MyMoneyInstitution &institution)
void createAccount (MyMoneyAccount &account)
void createCategory (MyMoneyAccount &, const MyMoneyAccount &)

Public Member Functions

 Wizard (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=false, WFlags flags=0)
const MyMoneyAccountaccount (void)
void setAccount (const MyMoneyAccount &acc)
const MyMoneyAccountparentAccount (void)
const MyMoneyScheduleschedule (void)
MyMoneyMoney openingBalance (void) const
MyMoneyMoney interestRate (void) const
MyMoneyTransaction payoutTransaction (void)
MyMoneyAccount brokerageAccount (void) const
MyMoneyPrice conversionRate (void) const

Protected Member Functions

const MyMoneySecuritycurrency (void) const
int precision (void) const
bool moneyBorrowed () const

Private Attributes

MyMoneyAccountLoan m_account
MyMoneySchedule m_schedule


class AccountTypePage
class InstitutionPage
class BrokeragePage
class CreditCardSchedulePage
class GeneralLoanInfoPage
class LoanDetailsPage
class LoanPaymentPage
class LoanSchedulePage
class LoanPayoutPage
class HierarchyPage
class AccountSummaryPage

Detailed Description

Thomas Baumgart
This class implements the new account wizard which is used to gather the required information from the user to create a new account

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NewAccountWizard::Wizard::Wizard ( QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0,
bool  modal = false,
WFlags  flags = 0 

Member Function Documentation

const MyMoneyAccount& NewAccountWizard::Wizard::account ( void   ) 

Returns the information about the account as entered by the user.

void NewAccountWizard::Wizard::setAccount ( const MyMoneyAccount acc  ) 

Method to load the generated account information back into the widget

const MyMoneyAccount& NewAccountWizard::Wizard::parentAccount ( void   ) 

Returns the information about the parent account as entered by the user.

For now it's either fixed as Asset or Liability. We will provide user selected parent accounts later.

const MyMoneySchedule& NewAccountWizard::Wizard::schedule ( void   ) 

Returns information about the schedule. If the returned value equals MyMoneySchedule() then the user did not select to create a schedule.

MyMoneyMoney NewAccountWizard::Wizard::openingBalance ( void   )  const

This method returns the value of the opening balance entered by the user

MyMoneyMoney NewAccountWizard::Wizard::interestRate ( void   )  const

This method returns the interest rate as factor, ie an interest rate of 6.5% will be returned as 0.065

MyMoneyTransaction NewAccountWizard::Wizard::payoutTransaction ( void   ) 

This method returns the payout transaction for loans. If the account to be created is not a loan or no payout transaction should be generated, this method returns an emtpy transaction.

MyMoneyAccount NewAccountWizard::Wizard::brokerageAccount ( void   )  const

This method returns a MyMoneyAccount() object filled with the data to create a brokerage account. If the user selected not to create a brokerage account or the account type is not able to create a brokerage account, an empty MyMoneyAccount() object is returned.

Make sure to call the account() method before you call this method. Otherwise the returned object might contain unexpected results.

MyMoneyPrice NewAccountWizard::Wizard::conversionRate ( void   )  const

This method returns the conversion rate

const MyMoneySecurity& NewAccountWizard::Wizard::currency ( void   )  const [protected]

This method returns the currently selected currency for the account

int NewAccountWizard::Wizard::precision ( void   )  const [protected]

This method returns the precision in digits for the selected currency.

See also:

bool NewAccountWizard::Wizard::moneyBorrowed (  )  const [protected]

This method returns information about the selection of the user if the loan is for borrowing or lending money.

Return values:
true loan is for money borrowed
false loan is for money lent

void NewAccountWizard::Wizard::createInstitution ( MyMoneyInstitution institution  )  [signal]

void NewAccountWizard::Wizard::createAccount ( MyMoneyAccount account  )  [signal]

void NewAccountWizard::Wizard::createCategory ( MyMoneyAccount ,
const MyMoneyAccount  
) [signal]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class AccountTypePage [friend]

friend class InstitutionPage [friend]

friend class BrokeragePage [friend]

friend class CreditCardSchedulePage [friend]

friend class GeneralLoanInfoPage [friend]

friend class LoanDetailsPage [friend]

friend class LoanPaymentPage [friend]

friend class LoanSchedulePage [friend]

friend class LoanPayoutPage [friend]

friend class HierarchyPage [friend]

friend class AccountSummaryPage [friend]

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