NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage Class Reference

#include <knewaccountwizard_p.h>

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KAccountTypePageDecl WizardPage< T > QWidget KMyMoneyWizardPage
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Public Member Functions

 AccountTypePage (Wizard *parent, const char *name=0)
virtual bool isComplete (void) const
KMyMoneyWizardPagenextPage (void) const
QWidgetinitialFocusWidget (void) const
MyMoneyAccount::accountTypeE accountType (void) const
const MyMoneyAccountparentAccount (void)
bool allowsParentAccount (void) const
const MyMoneySecuritycurrency (void) const
void setAccount (const MyMoneyAccount &acc)

Private Slots

void slotLoadWidgets (void)
void slotUpdateType (int i)
void slotUpdateCurrency (void)
void slotUpdateConversionRate (const QString &)
void slotGetOnlineQuote (void)
void slotPriceWarning (void)

Private Member Functions

void hideShowPages (MyMoneyAccount::accountTypeE i) const
void priceWarning (bool)

Private Attributes

bool m_showPriceWarning

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::AccountTypePage ( Wizard parent,
const char *  name = 0 

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::isComplete ( void   )  const [virtual]

This returns, if all necessary data for this page has been filled. It is used to enabled the 'Next' or 'Finish' button. The button is only enabled, if this method returns true, which is the default implementation.

Return values:
false more data required from the user before we can proceed
true all data available, we allow to switch to the next page

Reimplemented from KMyMoneyWizardPage.

KMyMoneyWizardPage* NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::nextPage ( void   )  const [virtual]

This method returns a pointer to the next page that should be shown when the user presses the 'Next' button.

pointer to next wizard page

Reimplemented from KMyMoneyWizardPage.

QWidget* NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::initialFocusWidget ( void   )  const [inline, virtual]

This method returns a pointer to the widget which should receive the focus when the page is opened.

pointer to widget or 0 if none is to be selected The default implementation returns 0

Reimplemented from KMyMoneyWizardPage.

MyMoneyAccount::accountTypeE NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::accountType ( void   )  const

const MyMoneyAccount& NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::parentAccount ( void   ) 

bool NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::allowsParentAccount ( void   )  const

const MyMoneySecurity& NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::currency ( void   )  const

void NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::setAccount ( const MyMoneyAccount acc  ) 

void NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::hideShowPages ( MyMoneyAccount::accountTypeE  i  )  const [private]

void NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::priceWarning ( bool   )  [private]

void NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::slotLoadWidgets ( void   )  [private, slot]

void NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::slotUpdateType ( int  i  )  [private, slot]

void NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::slotUpdateCurrency ( void   )  [private, slot]

void NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::slotUpdateConversionRate ( const QString &   )  [private, slot]

void NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::slotGetOnlineQuote ( void   )  [private, slot]

void NewAccountWizard::AccountTypePage::slotPriceWarning ( void   )  [private, slot]

Member Data Documentation

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