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#include <mymoneyobject.h>

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MyMoneyAccount MyMoneyBudget MyMoneyInstitution MyMoneyPayee MyMoneyReport MyMoneySchedule MyMoneySecurity MyMoneySplit MyMoneyTransaction
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Public Member Functions

 MyMoneyObject ()
virtual ~MyMoneyObject ()
const QString & id (void) const
void clearId (void)
virtual bool hasReferenceTo (const QString &id) const =0
virtual void writeXML (QDomDocument &document, QDomElement &parent) const =0
bool operator== (const MyMoneyObject &right) const

Static Public Member Functions

static const QString & emptyId (void)

Protected Member Functions

 MyMoneyObject (const QString &id)
 MyMoneyObject (const QDomElement &node, const bool forceId=true)
void setId (const QString &id)
void writeBaseXML (QDomDocument &document, QDomElement &el) const

Protected Attributes

QString m_id

Static Protected Attributes

static const QString m_emptyId

Detailed Description

Thomas Baumgart This class represents the base class of all MyMoney objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyMoneyObject::MyMoneyObject (  ) 

This is the constructor for the MyMoneyObject object

virtual MyMoneyObject::~MyMoneyObject (  )  [virtual]

This is the destructor for the MyMoneyObject object

MyMoneyObject::MyMoneyObject ( const QString &  id  )  [protected]

This contructor assigns the id to the MyMoneyObject

id ID of object

MyMoneyObject::MyMoneyObject ( const QDomElement &  node,
const bool  forceId = true 
) [protected]

This contructor reads the id from the id attribute of the QDomElement.

node const reference to the QDomElement from which to obtain the id of the object
forceId flag to be able to suppress enforcement of an id defaults to true which requires the node to have an attribute with name id. If it does not contain such an attribute, an exception will be thrown. If forceId is false, no check for an id is performed. This will be used by objects, which are stored w/o id (eg. splits, transactions within schedules)

Member Function Documentation

const QString& MyMoneyObject::id ( void   )  const [inline]

This method retrieves the id of the object

ID of object

Reimplemented in MyMoneyBudget, and MyMoneyPayee.

void MyMoneyObject::clearId ( void   ) 

This method clears the id of the object

virtual bool MyMoneyObject::hasReferenceTo ( const QString &  id  )  const [pure virtual]

This method must be provided by all derived objects. It returns, a true if the object is referencing the one requested by the parameter id. If it does not, this method returns false.

id id of the object to be checked for references
Return values:
true This object references object with id id.
false This object does not reference the object with id id.

Implemented in MyMoneyAccount, MyMoneyAccountLoan, MyMoneyBudget, MyMoneyInstitution, MyMoneyPayee, MyMoneyReport, MyMoneySchedule, MyMoneySecurity, MyMoneySplit, and MyMoneyTransaction.

virtual void MyMoneyObject::writeXML ( QDomDocument &  document,
QDomElement &  parent 
) const [pure virtual]

This method creates a QDomElement for the document under the parent node parent.

document reference to QDomDocument
parent reference to QDomElement parent node

Implemented in MyMoneyAccount, MyMoneyBudget, MyMoneyInstitution, MyMoneyPayee, MyMoneyReport, MyMoneySchedule, MyMoneySecurity, MyMoneySplit, and MyMoneyTransaction.

bool MyMoneyObject::operator== ( const MyMoneyObject right  )  const

static const QString& MyMoneyObject::emptyId ( void   )  [static]

void MyMoneyObject::setId ( const QString &  id  )  [protected]

void MyMoneyObject::writeBaseXML ( QDomDocument &  document,
QDomElement &  el 
) const [protected]

This method writes out the members contained in this object.

Member Data Documentation

QString MyMoneyObject::m_id [protected]

Reimplemented in MyMoneySplit, and test::TransactionHelper.

const QString MyMoneyObject::m_emptyId [static, protected]

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