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#include <mymoneystoragesql.h>

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Public Types

typedef QValueList< KSharedPtr
< MyMoneyDbColumn >

Public Member Functions

 MyMoneyDbTable (const QString &iname, const QValueList< KSharedPtr< MyMoneyDbColumn > > &ifields, const QString &initVersion="1.0")
 MyMoneyDbTable (void)
const QString & name (void) const
const QString & insertString (void) const
const QString selectAllString (bool terminate=true) const
const QString & updateString (void) const
const QString & deleteString (void) const
const QString dropPrimaryKeyString (databaseTypeE dbType) const
const QString columnList () const
const QString modifyColumnString (databaseTypeE dbType, const QString &columnName, const MyMoneyDbColumn &newDef) const
void buildSQLStrings (void)
const QString generateCreateSQL (databaseTypeE dbType) const
void addIndex (const QString &name, const QStringList &columns, bool unique=false)
field_iterator begin (void) const
field_iterator end (void) const

Private Types

typedef QValueList
< MyMoneyDbIndex >

Private Attributes

QString m_name
QValueList< KSharedPtr
< MyMoneyDbColumn > > 
QValueList< MyMoneyDbIndexm_indices
QString m_initVersion
QString m_insertString
QString m_selectAllString
QString m_updateString
QString m_deleteString

Detailed Description

The MyMoneyDbTable class is a representation of a db table. It has a list of the columns (pointers to MyMoneyDbColumn types) and a list of any indices that may be on the table. Additionally, a string for a parameterized query for each of some common tasks on a table is created by the ctor.

Const iterators over the list of columns are provided as a convenience.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef QValueList<KSharedPtr <MyMoneyDbColumn> >::const_iterator MyMoneyDbTable::field_iterator

typedef QValueList<MyMoneyDbIndex>::const_iterator MyMoneyDbTable::index_iterator [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyMoneyDbTable::MyMoneyDbTable ( const QString &  iname,
const QValueList< KSharedPtr< MyMoneyDbColumn > > &  ifields,
const QString &  initVersion = "1.0" 
) [inline]

MyMoneyDbTable::MyMoneyDbTable ( void   )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

const QString& MyMoneyDbTable::name ( void   )  const [inline]

const QString& MyMoneyDbTable::insertString ( void   )  const [inline]

const QString MyMoneyDbTable::selectAllString ( bool  terminate = true  )  const [inline]

const QString& MyMoneyDbTable::updateString ( void   )  const [inline]

const QString& MyMoneyDbTable::deleteString ( void   )  const [inline]

const QString MyMoneyDbTable::dropPrimaryKeyString ( databaseTypeE  dbType  )  const

This method determines the string required to drop the primary key for the table based on the db specific syntax.

dbType The driver type of the database.
QString for the syntax to drop the primary key.

const QString MyMoneyDbTable::columnList (  )  const

This method returns a comma-separated list of all column names in the table

QString column list.

const QString MyMoneyDbTable::modifyColumnString ( databaseTypeE  dbType,
const QString &  columnName,
const MyMoneyDbColumn newDef 
) const

This method returns the string for changing a column's definition. It covers statements like ALTER TABLE..CHANGE COLUMN, MODIFY COLUMN, etc.

dbType The driver type of the database.
columnName The name of the column to be modified.
newDef The MyMoneyColumn object of the new column definition.
QString containing DDL to change the column.

void MyMoneyDbTable::buildSQLStrings ( void   ) 

This method builds all of the SQL strings for common operations.

const QString MyMoneyDbTable::generateCreateSQL ( databaseTypeE  dbType  )  const

This method generates the DDL required to create the table.

dbType The driver type of the database.
QString of the DDL.

void MyMoneyDbTable::addIndex ( const QString &  name,
const QStringList &  columns,
bool  unique = false 

This method creates a MyMoneyDbIndex object and adds it to the list of indices for the table.

name The name of the index.
columns The list of the columns affected.
unique Whether or not this should be a unique index.

field_iterator MyMoneyDbTable::begin ( void   )  const [inline]

field_iterator MyMoneyDbTable::end ( void   )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

QString MyMoneyDbTable::m_name [private]

QString MyMoneyDbTable::m_initVersion [private]

QString MyMoneyDbTable::m_insertString [private]

QString MyMoneyDbTable::m_updateString [private]

QString MyMoneyDbTable::m_deleteString [private]

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