MyMoneyDbDef Class Reference

#include <mymoneystoragesql.h>

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Public Types

typedef QMap< QString,
MyMoneyDbTable >
typedef QMap< QString,
MyMoneyDbView >

Public Member Functions

 MyMoneyDbDef ()
 ~MyMoneyDbDef ()
const QString generateSQL (const QString &driver) const
table_iterator tableBegin (void) const
table_iterator tableEnd (void) const
view_iterator viewBegin (void) const
view_iterator viewEnd (void) const
unsigned int currentVersion () const

Protected Attributes

QMap< QString, MyMoneyDbTablem_tables
QMap< QString, MyMoneyDbViewm_views

Private Member Functions

const QString enclose (const QString &text) const
 TABLE (FileInfo)
 TABLE (Institutions)
 TABLE (Payees)
 TABLE (Accounts)
 TABLE (Transactions)
 TABLE (Splits)
 TABLE (KeyValuePairs)
 TABLE (Schedules)
 TABLE (SchedulePaymentHistory)
 TABLE (Securities)
 TABLE (Prices)
 TABLE (Currencies)
 TABLE (Reports)
 TABLE (Budgets)
 VIEW (Balances)

Private Attributes

MyMoneyDbDrivers m_drivers

Static Private Attributes

static unsigned int m_currentVersion


class MyMoneyStorageSql
class MyMoneyDatabaseMgr

Detailed Description

The MyMoneyDbDef class is

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef QMap<QString, MyMoneyDbTable>::const_iterator MyMoneyDbDef::table_iterator

typedef QMap<QString, MyMoneyDbView>::const_iterator MyMoneyDbDef::view_iterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyMoneyDbDef::MyMoneyDbDef (  ) 

MyMoneyDbDef::~MyMoneyDbDef (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

const QString MyMoneyDbDef::generateSQL ( const QString &  driver  )  const

table_iterator MyMoneyDbDef::tableBegin ( void   )  const [inline]

table_iterator MyMoneyDbDef::tableEnd ( void   )  const [inline]

view_iterator MyMoneyDbDef::viewBegin ( void   )  const [inline]

view_iterator MyMoneyDbDef::viewEnd ( void   )  const [inline]

unsigned int MyMoneyDbDef::currentVersion (  )  const [inline]

const QString MyMoneyDbDef::enclose ( const QString &  text  )  const [inline, private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( FileInfo   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Institutions   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Payees   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Accounts   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Transactions   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Splits   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( KeyValuePairs   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Schedules   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( SchedulePaymentHistory   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Securities   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Prices   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Currencies   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Reports   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::TABLE ( Budgets   )  [private]

MyMoneyDbDef::VIEW ( Balances   )  [private]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class MyMoneyStorageSql [friend]

friend class MyMoneyDatabaseMgr [friend]

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int MyMoneyDbDef::m_currentVersion [static, private]

QMap<QString, MyMoneyDbView> MyMoneyDbDef::m_views [protected]

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