MyMoneyCategory Class Reference

#include <mymoneycategory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MyMoneyCategory ()
 MyMoneyCategory (const bool income, const QString name)
 MyMoneyCategory (const bool income, const QString name, QStringList minors)
 ~MyMoneyCategory ()
QString name (void)
QStringList & minorCategories (void)
bool isIncome (void)
void setIncome (const bool val)
void setName (const QString val)
bool setMinorCategories (QStringList values)
bool addMinorCategory (const QString val)
bool removeMinorCategory (const QString val)
bool renameMinorCategory (const QString oldVal, const QString newVal)
bool addMinorCategory (QStringList values)
bool removeAllMinors (void)
QString firstMinor (void)
void clear (void)
 MyMoneyCategory (const MyMoneyCategory &)
MyMoneyCategoryoperator= (const MyMoneyCategory &)

Private Attributes

bool m_income
QString m_name
QStringList m_minorCategories


QDataStream & operator<< (QDataStream &, MyMoneyCategory &)
QDataStream & operator>> (QDataStream &, MyMoneyCategory &)

Detailed Description

This class represents an Income or Expense category. Please don't use it anymore, as it will be removed sooner or later.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyMoneyCategory::MyMoneyCategory (  ) 

MyMoneyCategory::MyMoneyCategory ( const bool  income,
const QString  name 

MyMoneyCategory::MyMoneyCategory ( const bool  income,
const QString  name,
QStringList  minors 

MyMoneyCategory::~MyMoneyCategory (  ) 

MyMoneyCategory::MyMoneyCategory ( const MyMoneyCategory  ) 

Member Function Documentation

QString MyMoneyCategory::name ( void   )  [inline]

QStringList& MyMoneyCategory::minorCategories ( void   )  [inline]

bool MyMoneyCategory::isIncome ( void   )  [inline]

void MyMoneyCategory::setIncome ( const bool  val  )  [inline]

void MyMoneyCategory::setName ( const QString  val  )  [inline]

bool MyMoneyCategory::setMinorCategories ( QStringList  values  ) 

bool MyMoneyCategory::addMinorCategory ( const QString  val  ) 

bool MyMoneyCategory::removeMinorCategory ( const QString  val  ) 

bool MyMoneyCategory::renameMinorCategory ( const QString  oldVal,
const QString  newVal 

bool MyMoneyCategory::addMinorCategory ( QStringList  values  ) 

bool MyMoneyCategory::removeAllMinors ( void   ) 

QString MyMoneyCategory::firstMinor ( void   ) 

void MyMoneyCategory::clear ( void   ) 

MyMoneyCategory& MyMoneyCategory::operator= ( const MyMoneyCategory  ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

QDataStream& operator<< ( QDataStream &  ,
) [friend]

QDataStream& operator>> ( QDataStream &  ,
) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

bool MyMoneyCategory::m_income [private]

QString MyMoneyCategory::m_name [private]

QStringList MyMoneyCategory::m_minorCategories [private]

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