MyMoneyAccountLoan Class Reference

#include <mymoneyaccount.h>

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MyMoneyAccount MyMoneyObject MyMoneyKeyValueContainer
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Public Types

enum  interestDueE { paymentDue = 0, paymentReceived }
enum  interestChangeUnitE { changeDaily = 0, changeWeekly, changeMonthly, changeYearly }

Public Member Functions

 MyMoneyAccountLoan ()
 MyMoneyAccountLoan (const MyMoneyAccount &)
 ~MyMoneyAccountLoan ()
const MyMoneyMoney loanAmount (void) const
void setLoanAmount (const MyMoneyMoney &amount)
const MyMoneyMoney interestRate (const QDate &date) const
void setInterestRate (const QDate &date, const MyMoneyMoney &rate)
interestDueE interestCalculation (void) const
void setInterestCalculation (const interestDueE onReception)
const QDate nextInterestChange (void) const
void setNextInterestChange (const QDate &date)
const QString schedule (void) const
void setSchedule (const QString &sched)
bool fixedInterestRate (void) const
void setFixedInterestRate (const bool fixed)
const MyMoneyMoney finalPayment (void) const
void setFinalPayment (const MyMoneyMoney &finalPayment)
unsigned int term (void) const
void setTerm (const unsigned int payments)
int interestChangeFrequency (int *unit=0) const
void setInterestChangeFrequency (const int amount, const int unit)
const MyMoneyMoney periodicPayment (void) const
void setPeriodicPayment (const MyMoneyMoney &payment)
int interestCompounding (void) const
void setInterestCompounding (int frequency)
const QString payee (void) const
void setPayee (const QString &payee)
const QString interestAccountId (void) const
void setInterestAccountId (const QString &id)
virtual bool hasReferenceTo (const QString &id) const

Detailed Description

This class is a convenience class to access data for loan accounts. It does contain the same member variables as a MyMoneyAccount object, but serves a set of getter/setter methods to ease the access to laon relevant data stored in the key value container of the MyMoneyAccount object.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyMoneyAccountLoan::MyMoneyAccountLoan (  )  [inline]

MyMoneyAccountLoan::MyMoneyAccountLoan ( const MyMoneyAccount  ) 

MyMoneyAccountLoan::~MyMoneyAccountLoan (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

const MyMoneyMoney MyMoneyAccountLoan::loanAmount ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setLoanAmount ( const MyMoneyMoney amount  ) 

const MyMoneyMoney MyMoneyAccountLoan::interestRate ( const QDate &  date  )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setInterestRate ( const QDate &  date,
const MyMoneyMoney rate 

interestDueE MyMoneyAccountLoan::interestCalculation ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setInterestCalculation ( const interestDueE  onReception  ) 

const QDate MyMoneyAccountLoan::nextInterestChange ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setNextInterestChange ( const QDate &  date  ) 

const QString MyMoneyAccountLoan::schedule ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setSchedule ( const QString &  sched  ) 

bool MyMoneyAccountLoan::fixedInterestRate ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setFixedInterestRate ( const bool  fixed  ) 

const MyMoneyMoney MyMoneyAccountLoan::finalPayment ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setFinalPayment ( const MyMoneyMoney finalPayment  ) 

unsigned int MyMoneyAccountLoan::term ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setTerm ( const unsigned int  payments  ) 

int MyMoneyAccountLoan::interestChangeFrequency ( int *  unit = 0  )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setInterestChangeFrequency ( const int  amount,
const int  unit 

const MyMoneyMoney MyMoneyAccountLoan::periodicPayment ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setPeriodicPayment ( const MyMoneyMoney payment  ) 

int MyMoneyAccountLoan::interestCompounding ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setInterestCompounding ( int  frequency  ) 

const QString MyMoneyAccountLoan::payee ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setPayee ( const QString &  payee  ) 

const QString MyMoneyAccountLoan::interestAccountId ( void   )  const

void MyMoneyAccountLoan::setInterestAccountId ( const QString &  id  ) 

virtual bool MyMoneyAccountLoan::hasReferenceTo ( const QString &  id  )  const [virtual]

This method checks if a reference to the given object exists. It returns, a true if the object is referencing the one requested by the parameter id. If it does not, this method returns false.

id id of the object to be checked for references
Return values:
true This object references object with id id.
false This object does not reference the object with id id.

Reimplemented from MyMoneyAccount.

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