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#include <knewloanwizard.h>

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KNewLoanWizardDecl KWizard KEditLoanWizard
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Public Slots

void next ()


void newCategory (MyMoneyAccount &acc)
void createPayee (const QString &txt, QString &id)

Public Member Functions

 KNewLoanWizard (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 ~KNewLoanWizard ()
MyMoneySchedule schedule (void) const
QString initialPaymentAccount (void) const
QDate initialPaymentDate (void) const

Protected Slots

void slotLiabilityLoan (void)
void slotAssetLoan (void)
virtual void slotCheckPageFinished (void)
void slotPaymentsMade (void)
void slotNoPaymentsMade (void)
void slotRecordAllPayments (void)
void slotRecordThisYearsPayments (void)
void slotInterestOnPayment (void)
void slotInterestOnReception (void)
void slotCreateCategory (void)
virtual void slotAdditionalFees (void)
void slotReloadEditWidgets (void)

Protected Member Functions

MyMoneyTransaction transaction (void) const
void loadComboBoxes (void)
void loadAccountList (void)
void resetCalculator (void)
void updateLoanAmount (void)
void updateInterestRate (void)
void updateDuration (void)
void updatePayment (void)
void updateFinalPayment (void)
void updateLoanInfo (void)
QString updateTermWidgets (const long double v)
void updatePeriodicPayment (void)
void updateSummary (void)
int calculateLoan (void)
int term (void) const

Protected Attributes

MyMoneyAccountLoan m_account
MyMoneyTransaction m_transaction
MyMoneySplit m_split

Detailed Description

Thomas Baumgart This class implementes a wizard for the creation of loan accounts. The user is asked a set of questions and according to the answers the respective MyMoneyAccount object can be requested from the wizard when accept() has been called. A MyMoneySchedule is also available to create a schedule entry for the payments to the newly created loan.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KNewLoanWizard::KNewLoanWizard ( QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 

KNewLoanWizard::~KNewLoanWizard (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

MyMoneySchedule KNewLoanWizard::schedule ( void   )  const

This method returns the schedule for the payments. The account where the amortization should be transferred to is the one we currently try to create with this wizard. The appropriate split will be returned as the first split of the transaction inside

as parameter accountId as this is the account that was created after this wizard was left via the accept() method.

MyMoneySchedule object for payments

Reimplemented in KEditLoanWizard.

QString KNewLoanWizard::initialPaymentAccount ( void   )  const

This method returns the id of the account to/from which the payout should be created. If the checkbox that allows to skip the creation of this transaction is checked, this method returns QString()

id of account or empty QString

QDate KNewLoanWizard::initialPaymentDate ( void   )  const

This method returns the date of the payout transaction. If the checkbox that allows to skip the creation of this transaction is checked, this method returns QDate()

selected date or invalid QDate if checkbox is selected.

MyMoneyTransaction KNewLoanWizard::transaction ( void   )  const [protected]

This method returns the transaction that is stored within the schedule. See schedule().

MyMoneyTransaction object to be used within the schedule

Reimplemented in KEditLoanWizard.

void KNewLoanWizard::next (  )  [slot]

Reimplemented in KEditLoanWizard.

void KNewLoanWizard::slotLiabilityLoan ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KNewLoanWizard::slotAssetLoan ( void   )  [protected, slot]

virtual void KNewLoanWizard::slotCheckPageFinished ( void   )  [protected, virtual, slot]

Reimplemented in KEditLoanWizard.

void KNewLoanWizard::slotPaymentsMade ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KNewLoanWizard::slotNoPaymentsMade ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KNewLoanWizard::slotRecordAllPayments ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KNewLoanWizard::slotRecordThisYearsPayments ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KNewLoanWizard::slotInterestOnPayment ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KNewLoanWizard::slotInterestOnReception ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KNewLoanWizard::slotCreateCategory ( void   )  [protected, slot]

virtual void KNewLoanWizard::slotAdditionalFees ( void   )  [protected, virtual, slot]

void KNewLoanWizard::slotReloadEditWidgets ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KNewLoanWizard::loadComboBoxes ( void   )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::loadAccountList ( void   )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::resetCalculator ( void   )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::updateLoanAmount ( void   )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::updateInterestRate ( void   )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::updateDuration ( void   )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::updatePayment ( void   )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::updateFinalPayment ( void   )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::updateLoanInfo ( void   )  [protected]

QString KNewLoanWizard::updateTermWidgets ( const long double  v  )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::updatePeriodicPayment ( void   )  [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::updateSummary ( void   )  [protected]

int KNewLoanWizard::calculateLoan ( void   )  [protected]

int KNewLoanWizard::term ( void   )  const [protected]

void KNewLoanWizard::newCategory ( MyMoneyAccount acc  )  [signal]

This signal is emitted, when a new category name has been entered by the user and this name is not known as account by the MyMoneyFile object. Before the signal is emitted, a MyMoneyAccount is constructed by this object and filled with the desired name. All other members of MyMoneyAccount will remain in their default state. Upon return, the connected slot should have created the object in the MyMoneyFile engine and filled the member id.

acc reference to MyMoneyAccount object that caries the name and will return information about the created category.

void KNewLoanWizard::createPayee ( const QString &  txt,
QString &  id 
) [signal]

This signal is sent out, when a new payee needs to be created

See also:
txt The name of the payee to be created
id A connected slot should store the id of the created object in this variable

Member Data Documentation

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