KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar Class Reference

#include <transactionform.h>

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Public Types

enum  SignalEmissionE { SignalNormal = 0, SignalNever, SignalAlways }

Public Slots

virtual void setCurrentTab (int)
virtual void setCurrentTab (QTab *)
virtual void show (void)


void tabSelected (int id)

Public Member Functions

 TabBar (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
virtual ~TabBar ()
SignalEmissionE setSignalEmission (SignalEmissionE type)
void copyTabs (const TabBar *otabbar)
void addTab (QTab *tab, int id)
void setIdentifier (QTab *tab, int newId)
QTab * tab (int id) const
int currentTab (void) const

Protected Slots

void slotTabSelected (int id)

Private Attributes

SignalEmissionE m_signalType
QMap< int, int > m_idMap

Detailed Description

Thomas Baumgart

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::TabBar ( QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 

virtual KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::~TabBar (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

SignalEmissionE KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::setSignalEmission ( SignalEmissionE  type  ) 

void KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::copyTabs ( const TabBar otabbar  ) 

void KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::addTab ( QTab *  tab,
int  id 

void KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::setIdentifier ( QTab *  tab,
int  newId 

QTab* KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::tab ( int  id  )  const

int KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::currentTab ( void   )  const

virtual void KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::setCurrentTab ( int   )  [virtual, slot]

overridden for internal reasons, API not changed

virtual void KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::setCurrentTab ( QTab *   )  [virtual, slot]

overridden for internal reasons, API not changed

virtual void KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::show ( void   )  [virtual, slot]

overridden for internal reasons, API not changed

void KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::slotTabSelected ( int  id  )  [protected, slot]

void KMyMoneyTransactionForm::TabBar::tabSelected ( int  id  )  [signal]

Member Data Documentation

maps our internal action ids to those used by qt3. Since it does not seem possible to tell qt3 to use our ids everywhere (in QAccel) we need to know which is which

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