KMyMoneyRegister::StdTransactionDownloaded Class Reference

#include <stdtransactiondownloaded.h>

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KMyMoneyRegister::StdTransaction KMyMoneyRegister::Transaction KMyMoneyRegister::RegisterItem
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Public Member Functions

 StdTransactionDownloaded (Register *parent, const MyMoneyTransaction &transaction, const MyMoneySplit &split, int uniqueId)
virtual ~StdTransactionDownloaded ()
virtual const char * className (void)
virtual bool paintRegisterCellSetup (QPainter *painter, int &row, int &col, QRect &cellRect, QRect &textRect, QColorGroup &cg, QBrush &brush)
int numRowsRegister (void) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KMyMoneyRegister::StdTransactionDownloaded::StdTransactionDownloaded ( Register parent,
const MyMoneyTransaction transaction,
const MyMoneySplit split,
int  uniqueId 

virtual KMyMoneyRegister::StdTransactionDownloaded::~StdTransactionDownloaded (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* KMyMoneyRegister::StdTransactionDownloaded::className ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from KMyMoneyRegister::StdTransaction.

virtual bool KMyMoneyRegister::StdTransactionDownloaded::paintRegisterCellSetup ( QPainter *  painter,
int &  row,
int &  col,
QRect &  cellRect,
QRect &  textRect,
QColorGroup &  cg,
QBrush &  brush 
) [virtual]

This method sets the general paramaters required for the painting of a cell in the register. These are:

  • background color (alternating)
  • background color (imported transaction)
  • background color (matched transaction)
  • background color (selected transaction)
  • cellRect (area covering the cell)
  • textRect (area covering the text)
  • color of the pen to do the painting of text and lines

painter pointer to the QPainter object
row vertical index of cell in register
col horizontal index of cell in register
cellRect ref to QRect object receiving the area information for the cell
textRect ref to QRect object receiving the area information for the text
cg ref to QColorGroup object receiving the color information to be used
brush ref to QBrush object receiveing the brush information to be used

Reimplemented from KMyMoneyRegister::Transaction.

int KMyMoneyRegister::StdTransactionDownloaded::numRowsRegister ( void   )  const [inline, virtual]

Provided for internal reasons. No API change. See RegisterItem::numRowsRegister()

Reimplemented from KMyMoneyRegister::StdTransaction.

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