KMyMoneyRegister::Register Class Reference

#include <register.h>

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TransactionEditorContainer QTable
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void selectionChanged (void)
void selectionChanged (const KMyMoneyRegister::SelectedTransactions &list)
void focusChanged (KMyMoneyRegister::Transaction *item)
void focusChanged (void)
void aboutToSelectItem (KMyMoneyRegister::RegisterItem *item, bool &okToSelect)
void editTransaction (void)
void headerClicked (void)
void reconcileStateColumnClicked (KMyMoneyRegister::Transaction *item)
void emptyItemSelected (void)
void openContextMenu (void)
void itemAdded (RegisterItem *item)

Public Member Functions

 Register (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
virtual ~Register ()
void addItem (RegisterItem *p)
void insertItemAfter (RegisterItem *p, RegisterItem *q)
void removeItem (RegisterItem *p)
QValueList< RegisterItem * > selectedItems (void) const
void selectedTransactions (SelectedTransactions &list) const
QString text (int row, int col) const
QWidgetcreateEditor (int row, int col, bool initFromCell) const
void setCellContentFromEditor (int row, int col)
QWidgetcellWidget (int row, int col) const
void endEdit (int row, int col, bool accept, bool replace)
void paintCell (QPainter *painter, int row, int col, const QRect &r, bool selected, const QColorGroup &cg)
void resizeData (int)
QTableItem * item (int, int)
void setItem (int, int, QTableItem *)
void clearCell (int, int)
void clearCellWidget (int, int)
void paintFocus (QPainter *, const QRect &)
void updateCell (int, int)
RegisterItemfocusItem (void) const
RegisterItemanchorItem (void) const
bool setFocusItem (RegisterItem *focusItem)
void setAnchorItem (RegisterItem *anchorItem)
bool setFocusToTop (void)
void selectItem (RegisterItem *item, bool dontChangeSelections=false)
void clear (void)
void updateRegister (bool forceUpdateRowHeight=false)
void updateAlternate (void) const
void suppressAdjacentMarkers (void)
void adjustColumn (int col)
void setupRegister (const MyMoneyAccount &account, bool showAccountColumn=false)
void setupRegister (const MyMoneyAccount &account, const QValueList< Column > &cols)
void setSortOrder (const QString &order)
const QValueList
< TransactionSortField > & 
sortOrder (void) const
TransactionSortField primarySortKey (void) const
void sortItems (void)
Column lastCol (void) const
RegisterItemfirstItem (void) const
RegisterItemfirstVisibleItem (void) const
RegisterItemnextItem (RegisterItem *) const
RegisterItemlastItem (void) const
RegisterItemlastVisibleItem (void) const
RegisterItemprevItem (RegisterItem *) const
RegisterItemitemAtRow (int row) const
void resize (int col)
void forceUpdateLists (void)
void ensureItemVisible (RegisterItem *item)
void arrangeEditWidgets (QMap< QString, QWidget * > &editWidgets, Transaction *t)
void removeEditWidgets (QMap< QString, QWidget * > &editWidgets)
void tabOrder (QWidgetList &tabOrderWidgets, KMyMoneyRegister::Transaction *t) const
int rowHeightHint (void) const
void clearSelection (void)
bool markErronousTransactions (void) const
const MyMoneyAccountaccount (void) const
void repaintItems (RegisterItem *first=0, RegisterItem *last=0)
unsigned int drawCounter (void) const
void addGroupMarkers (void)
void removeUnwantedGroupMarkers (void)
void setLedgerLensForced (bool forced=true)
void setSelectionMode (SelectionMode mode)

Static Public Member Functions

static TransactiontransactionFactory (Register *parent, const MyMoneyTransaction &transaction, const MyMoneySplit &split, int uniqueId)

Protected Slots

void resize (void)
void selectItem (int row, int col, int button, const QPoint &mousePos)
void slotEnsureItemVisible (void)
void slotDoubleClicked (int, int, int, const QPoint &)
void slotToggleErronousTransactions (void)
void slotAutoColumnSizing (int section)

Protected Member Functions

void drawContents (QPainter *p, int cx, int cy, int cw, int ch)
void contentsMouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
void unselectItems (int from=-1, int to=-1)
void selectItems (int from, int to)
void doSelectItems (int from, int to, bool selected)
int selectedItemsCount (void) const
void focusOutEvent (QFocusEvent *)
void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *)
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)
int rowToIndex (int row) const
void setupItemIndex (int rowCount)
void scrollPage (int key, ButtonState state)
RegisterItemitemById (const QString &id) const
void insertWidget (int row, int col, QWidget *w)
bool focusNextPrevChild (bool next)
bool eventFilter (QObject *o, QEvent *e)
void handleItemChange (RegisterItem *old, bool shift, bool control)
void selectRange (RegisterItem *from, RegisterItem *to, bool invert, bool includeFirst, bool clearSel)
void dragMoveEvent (QDragMoveEvent *event)
void dropEvent (QDropEvent *event)
TransactiondropTransaction (QPoint cPos) const

Protected Attributes

ItemPtrVector m_items
QValueVector< RegisterItem * > m_itemIndex
int m_markErronousTransactions
int m_rowHeightHint
MyMoneyAccount m_account
bool m_ledgerLensForced
SelectionMode m_selectionMode

Private Attributes

bool m_listsDirty
bool m_ignoreNextButtonRelease
bool m_needInitialColumnResize
Qt::ButtonState m_buttonState
Column m_lastCol
QValueList< TransactionSortFieldm_sortOrder
QMap< QPair< int, int >
, QWidget * > 
RegisterToolTip * m_tooltip
QRect m_lastRepaintRect
unsigned int m_drawCounter


class Transaction
class StdTransaction
class InvestTransaction

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KMyMoneyRegister::Register::Register ( QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 

virtual KMyMoneyRegister::Register::~Register (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::addItem ( RegisterItem p  ) 

add the item p to the register

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::insertItemAfter ( RegisterItem p,
RegisterItem q 

insert the item p into the register after item q

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::removeItem ( RegisterItem p  ) 

remove the item from the register

QValueList<RegisterItem*> KMyMoneyRegister::Register::selectedItems ( void   )  const

This method returns a list of pointers to all selected items in the register

Return values:

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::selectedTransactions ( SelectedTransactions list  )  const

Construct a list of all currently selected transactions in the register. If the current item carrying the focus (see focusItem() ) is selected it will be the first one contained in the list.

list reference to QValueList receiving the SelectedTransaction()'s

QString KMyMoneyRegister::Register::text ( int  row,
int  col 
) const

QWidget* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::createEditor ( int  row,
int  col,
bool  initFromCell 
) const

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setCellContentFromEditor ( int  row,
int  col 

QWidget* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::cellWidget ( int  row,
int  col 
) const

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::endEdit ( int  row,
int  col,
bool  accept,
bool  replace 

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::paintCell ( QPainter *  painter,
int  row,
int  col,
const QRect &  r,
bool  selected,
const QColorGroup &  cg 

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::resizeData ( int   )  [inline]

QTableItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::item ( int  ,
) [inline]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setItem ( int  ,
int  ,
QTableItem *   
) [inline]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::clearCell ( int  ,
) [inline]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::clearCellWidget ( int  ,

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::paintFocus ( QPainter *  ,
const QRect &   
) [inline]

Override the QTable member function to avoid display of focus

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::updateCell ( int  ,
) [inline]

Override the QTable member function to avoid functionality

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::focusItem ( void   )  const [inline]

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::anchorItem ( void   )  const [inline]

bool KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setFocusItem ( RegisterItem focusItem  ) 

set focus to specific item.

true if the item got focus

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setAnchorItem ( RegisterItem anchorItem  ) 

bool KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setFocusToTop ( void   ) 

Set focus to the first focussable item

true if a focussable item was found

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::selectItem ( RegisterItem item,
bool  dontChangeSelections = false 

Select item and unselect all others if dontChangeSelections is false. If m_buttonState differs from Qt::NoButton (method is called as a result of a mouse button press), then the setting of dontChangeSelections has no effect.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::clear ( void   ) 

Clears all items in the register. All objects added to the register will be deleted.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::updateRegister ( bool  forceUpdateRowHeight = false  ) 

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::updateAlternate ( void   )  const

Assign all visible items an alternate background color

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::suppressAdjacentMarkers ( void   ) 

make sure, we only show a single marker in a row through hiding unused ones

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::adjustColumn ( int  col  ) 

Adjusts column col so that all data fits in width.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setupRegister ( const MyMoneyAccount account,
bool  showAccountColumn = false 

Convenience method to setup the register to show the columns based on the account type of account. If showAccountColumn is true then the account column is shown independant of the account type. If account does not have an id, all columns will be hidden.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setupRegister ( const MyMoneyAccount account,
const QValueList< Column > &  cols 

Show the columns contained in cols for account. account can be left empty ( MyMoneyAccount() ) e.g. for the search dialog.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setSortOrder ( const QString &  order  ) 

const QValueList<TransactionSortField>& KMyMoneyRegister::Register::sortOrder ( void   )  const [inline]

TransactionSortField KMyMoneyRegister::Register::primarySortKey ( void   )  const

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::sortItems ( void   ) 

Column KMyMoneyRegister::Register::lastCol ( void   )  const [inline]

This member returns the last visible column that is used by the register after it has been setup using setupRegister().

last actively used column (base 0)

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::firstItem ( void   )  const

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::firstVisibleItem ( void   )  const

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::nextItem ( RegisterItem  )  const

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::lastItem ( void   )  const

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::lastVisibleItem ( void   )  const

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::prevItem ( RegisterItem  )  const

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::itemAtRow ( int  row  )  const

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::resize ( int  col  ) 

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::forceUpdateLists ( void   )  [inline]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::ensureItemVisible ( RegisterItem item  ) 

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::arrangeEditWidgets ( QMap< QString, QWidget * > &  editWidgets,
Transaction t 
) [virtual]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::removeEditWidgets ( QMap< QString, QWidget * > &  editWidgets  )  [virtual]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::tabOrder ( QWidgetList &  tabOrderWidgets,
KMyMoneyRegister::Transaction t 
) const [virtual]

int KMyMoneyRegister::Register::rowHeightHint ( void   )  const

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::clearSelection ( void   ) 

bool KMyMoneyRegister::Register::markErronousTransactions ( void   )  const [inline]

static Transaction* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::transactionFactory ( Register parent,
const MyMoneyTransaction transaction,
const MyMoneySplit split,
int  uniqueId 
) [static]

This method creates a specifc transaction according to the transaction passed in transaction.

parent pointer to register where the created object should be added
transaction the transaction which should be used to create the object
split the split of the transaction which should be used to create the object
uniqueId an int that will be used to construct the id of the item
pointer to created object (0 upon failure)

const MyMoneyAccount& KMyMoneyRegister::Register::account ( void   )  const [inline]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::repaintItems ( RegisterItem first = 0,
RegisterItem last = 0 

unsigned int KMyMoneyRegister::Register::drawCounter ( void   )  const [inline]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::addGroupMarkers ( void   ) 

This method creates group marker items and adds them to the register

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::removeUnwantedGroupMarkers ( void   ) 

This method removes all trailing group markers and in a second run reduces all adjacent group markers to show only one. In that case the last one will remain.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setLedgerLensForced ( bool  forced = true  )  [inline]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setSelectionMode ( SelectionMode  mode  )  [inline]

Sets the selection mode to mode. Supported modes are QTable::Single and QTable::Multi. QTable::Multi is the default when the object is created.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::drawContents ( QPainter *  p,
int  cx,
int  cy,
int  cw,
int  ch 
) [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::contentsMouseReleaseEvent ( QMouseEvent *  e  )  [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::unselectItems ( int  from = -1,
int  to = -1 
) [inline, protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::selectItems ( int  from,
int  to 
) [inline, protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::doSelectItems ( int  from,
int  to,
bool  selected 
) [protected]

int KMyMoneyRegister::Register::selectedItemsCount ( void   )  const [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::focusOutEvent ( QFocusEvent *   )  [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::focusInEvent ( QFocusEvent *   )  [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent *   )  [protected]

int KMyMoneyRegister::Register::rowToIndex ( int  row  )  const [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::setupItemIndex ( int  rowCount  )  [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::scrollPage ( int  key,
ButtonState  state 
) [protected]

This method determines the register item that is one page further down or up in the ledger from the previous focus item. The height to scroll is determined by visibleHeight()

key Qt::Page_Up or Qt::Page_Down depending on the direction to scroll
state state of Qt::ShiftButton, Qt::ControlButton, Qt::AltButton and Qt::MetaButton.

RegisterItem* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::itemById ( const QString &  id  )  const [protected]

This method determines the pointer to a RegisterItem based on the item's id. If id is empty, this method returns m_lastItem.

id id of the item to be searched
pointer to RegisterItem or 0 if not found

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::insertWidget ( int  row,
int  col,
QWidget w 
) [protected]

bool KMyMoneyRegister::Register::focusNextPrevChild ( bool  next  )  [protected]

Override logic and use standard QFrame behaviour

bool KMyMoneyRegister::Register::eventFilter ( QObject o,
QEvent *  e 
) [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::handleItemChange ( RegisterItem old,
bool  shift,
bool  control 
) [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::selectRange ( RegisterItem from,
RegisterItem to,
bool  invert,
bool  includeFirst,
bool  clearSel 
) [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::dragMoveEvent ( QDragMoveEvent *  event  )  [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::dropEvent ( QDropEvent *  event  )  [protected]

Transaction* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::dropTransaction ( QPoint  cPos  )  const [protected]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::resize ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::selectItem ( int  row,
int  col,
int  button,
const QPoint &  mousePos 
) [protected, slot]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::slotEnsureItemVisible ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::slotDoubleClicked ( int  ,
int  ,
int  ,
const QPoint &   
) [protected, slot]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::slotToggleErronousTransactions ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::slotAutoColumnSizing ( int  section  )  [protected, slot]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::selectionChanged ( void   )  [signal]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::selectionChanged ( const KMyMoneyRegister::SelectedTransactions list  )  [signal]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::focusChanged ( KMyMoneyRegister::Transaction item  )  [signal]

This signal is emitted when the focus and selection changes to item.

item pointer to transaction that received the focus and was selected

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::focusChanged ( void   )  [signal]

This signal is emitted when the focus changes but the selection remains the same. This usually happens when the focus is changed using the keyboard.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::aboutToSelectItem ( KMyMoneyRegister::RegisterItem item,
bool &  okToSelect 
) [signal]

This signal is emitted when an item is about to be selected. The boolean okToSelect is preset to true. If the item should not be selected for whatever reason, the boolean okToSelect should be reset to false by the connected slot.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::editTransaction ( void   )  [signal]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::headerClicked ( void   )  [signal]

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::reconcileStateColumnClicked ( KMyMoneyRegister::Transaction item  )  [signal]

This signal is sent out when the user clicks on the ReconcileStateColumn and only a single transaction is selected.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::emptyItemSelected ( void   )  [signal]

This signal is sent out, if an item without a transaction id has been selected.

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::openContextMenu ( void   )  [signal]

This signal is sent out, if the user selects an item with the right mouse button

void KMyMoneyRegister::Register::itemAdded ( RegisterItem item  )  [signal]

This signal is sent out when a new item has been added to the register

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Transaction [friend]

friend class StdTransaction [friend]

friend class InvestTransaction [friend]

Member Data Documentation

Qt::ButtonState KMyMoneyRegister::Register::m_buttonState [private]

RegisterToolTip* KMyMoneyRegister::Register::m_tooltip [private]

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