KMyMoneyPlugin::Plugin Class Reference

#include <kmymoneyplugin.h>

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QObject KXMLGUIClient OfxImporterPlugin
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Public Member Functions

 Plugin (QObject *parent, const char *name)
virtual ~Plugin ()

Protected Member Functions

KAction * action (const QString &name) const
KToggleAction * toggleAction (const QString &name) const
ViewInterfaceviewInterface () const
StatementInterfacestatementInterface () const
ImportInterfaceimportInterface () const

Detailed Description

This class describes the interface between the KMyMoney application and it's plugins. All plugins must be derived from this class.

A good tutorial on how to design and develop a plugin structure for a KDE application (e.g. KMyMoney) can be found at

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KMyMoneyPlugin::Plugin::Plugin ( QObject parent,
const char *  name 

virtual KMyMoneyPlugin::Plugin::~Plugin (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

KAction* KMyMoneyPlugin::Plugin::action ( const QString &  name  )  const [protected]

See KMyMoney2App::action() for a description

KToggleAction* KMyMoneyPlugin::Plugin::toggleAction ( const QString &  name  )  const [protected]

See KMyMoney2App::toggleAction() for a description

ViewInterface* KMyMoneyPlugin::Plugin::viewInterface (  )  const [protected]

StatementInterface* KMyMoneyPlugin::Plugin::statementInterface (  )  const [protected]

ImportInterface* KMyMoneyPlugin::Plugin::importInterface (  )  const [protected]

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