KMyMoneyPlugin::OnlinePlugin Class Reference

#include <kmymoneyplugin.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OnlinePlugin ()
virtual ~OnlinePlugin ()
virtual void protocols (QStringList &protocolList) const =0
virtual QWidgetaccountConfigTab (const MyMoneyAccount &account, QString &tabName)=0
virtual MyMoneyKeyValueContainer onlineBankingSettings (const MyMoneyKeyValueContainer &current)=0
virtual bool mapAccount (const MyMoneyAccount &acc, MyMoneyKeyValueContainer &onlineBankingSettings)=0
virtual bool updateAccount (const MyMoneyAccount &acc, bool moreAccounts=false)=0

Detailed Description

This class describes the interface between the KMyMoney application and it's ONLINE-BANKING plugins. All online banking plugins must provide this interface.

A good tutorial on how to design and develop a plugin structure for a KDE application (e.g. KMyMoney) can be found at

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KMyMoneyPlugin::OnlinePlugin::OnlinePlugin (  )  [inline]

virtual KMyMoneyPlugin::OnlinePlugin::~OnlinePlugin (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void KMyMoneyPlugin::OnlinePlugin::protocols ( QStringList &  protocolList  )  const [pure virtual]

Implemented in OfxImporterPlugin.

virtual QWidget* KMyMoneyPlugin::OnlinePlugin::accountConfigTab ( const MyMoneyAccount account,
QString &  tabName 
) [pure virtual]

This method returns a pointer to a widget representing an additional tab that will be added to the KNewAccountDlg. The string referenced with tabName will be filled with the text that should be placed on the tab. It should return 0 if no additional tab is needed.

Information about the account can be taken out of account.

Once the pointer to the widget is returned to KMyMoney, it takes care of destruction of all included widgets when the dialog is closed. The plugin can access the widgets created after the call to storeConfigParameters() happened.

Implemented in OfxImporterPlugin.

virtual MyMoneyKeyValueContainer KMyMoneyPlugin::OnlinePlugin::onlineBankingSettings ( const MyMoneyKeyValueContainer current  )  [pure virtual]

This method is called by the framework whenever it is time to store the configuration data maintained by the plugin. The plugin should use the widgets created in accountConfigTab() to extract the current values.

current The current container contains the current settings

Implemented in OfxImporterPlugin.

virtual bool KMyMoneyPlugin::OnlinePlugin::mapAccount ( const MyMoneyAccount acc,
MyMoneyKeyValueContainer onlineBankingSettings 
) [pure virtual]

This method is called by the framework when the user wants to map a KMyMoney account onto an online account. The KMyMoney account is identified by acc and the online provider should store its data in onlineBankingSettings upon success.

Return values:
true if account is mapped
false if account is not mapped

Implemented in OfxImporterPlugin.

virtual bool KMyMoneyPlugin::OnlinePlugin::updateAccount ( const MyMoneyAccount acc,
bool  moreAccounts = false 
) [pure virtual]

This method is called by the framework when the user wants to update a KMyMoney account with data from an online account. The KMyMoney account is identified by acc. The online provider should read its data from acc.onlineBankingSettings(). true is returned upon success. The plugin might consider to stack the requests in case moreAccounts is true. moreAccounts defaults to false.

Return values:
true if account is updated
false if account is not updated

Implemented in OfxImporterPlugin.

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