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#include <kmymoneylistviewitem.h>

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QObject KListViewItem KMyMoneyPriceItem
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Public Member Functions

 KMyMoneyListViewItem (QListView *parent, const QString &txt, const QString &key, const QString &id)
 KMyMoneyListViewItem (QListViewItem *parent, const QString &txt, const QString &key, const QString &id)
 ~KMyMoneyListViewItem ()
const QString & id (void) const
void paintCell (QPainter *p, const QColorGroup &cg, int column, int width, int alignment)
const QColor backgroundColor ()
QString key (int column, bool ascending) const
bool isAlternate (void)

Private Attributes

QString m_key
QString m_id
unsigned int m_isOdd: 1
unsigned int m_isKnown: 1
unsigned int m_unused: 30


class KMyMoneyCheckListItem

Detailed Description

This class implements a derived version of a QListViewItem that allows the storage of an engine object id with the object

Thomas Baumgart

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KMyMoneyListViewItem::KMyMoneyListViewItem ( QListView *  parent,
const QString &  txt,
const QString &  key,
const QString &  id 

KMyMoneyListViewItem::KMyMoneyListViewItem ( QListViewItem parent,
const QString &  txt,
const QString &  key,
const QString &  id 

KMyMoneyListViewItem::~KMyMoneyListViewItem (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

const QString& KMyMoneyListViewItem::id ( void   )  const [inline]

void KMyMoneyListViewItem::paintCell ( QPainter *  p,
const QColorGroup &  cg,
int  column,
int  width,
int  alignment 

use my own paint method

const QColor KMyMoneyListViewItem::backgroundColor (  ) 

use my own backgroundColor method

QString KMyMoneyListViewItem::key ( int  column,
bool  ascending 
) const

This method returns a const reference to the key passed to the constructor. The column defines what is returned: For column equals 0, the first character passed as key to the constructor concatenated with the value returned by text(0) is returned. For column equals to 1, the key as passed to the constructor except the first character is returned.

bool KMyMoneyListViewItem::isAlternate ( void   ) 

Reimplemented for internal reasons

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class KMyMoneyCheckListItem [friend]

Member Data Documentation

QString KMyMoneyListViewItem::m_key [private]

QString KMyMoneyListViewItem::m_id [private]

unsigned int KMyMoneyListViewItem::m_isOdd [private]

unsigned int KMyMoneyListViewItem::m_isKnown [private]

unsigned int KMyMoneyListViewItem::m_unused [private]

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