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A class to import a qif file to an account. More...

#include <kimportdlg.h>

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KImportDlgDecl QDialog
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Public Member Functions

 KImportDlg (QWidget *parent, const char *name=0)
 ~KImportDlg ()
const QString filename (void) const
const QString profile (void) const

Protected Slots

void slotBrowse ()
void slotFileTextChanged (const QString &text)
void slotNewProfile (void)
void slotOkClicked (void)
void slotSelectProfile (const QString &text)

Private Member Functions

void loadProfiles (const bool selectLast=false)
void addCategories (QStringList &strList, const QString &id, const QString &leadIn) const
void readConfig (void)
void writeConfig (void)

Detailed Description

This class is used to import a qif file to an account. It relies upon the QIF file handling routines in MyMoneyAccount to do the actual writing of QIF files.

It uses the global KConfig object to read and write the application settings.

See also:
Felix Rodriguez, Michael Edwardes 2000-2001

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KImportDlg::KImportDlg ( QWidget parent,
const char *  name = 0 

Standard constructor

KImportDlg::~KImportDlg (  ) 

Standard destructor

Member Function Documentation

const QString KImportDlg::filename ( void   )  const [inline]

const QString KImportDlg::profile ( void   )  const [inline]

void KImportDlg::slotBrowse (  )  [protected, slot]

Called to let the user browse for a QIF file to import from.

void KImportDlg::slotFileTextChanged ( const QString &  text  )  [protected, slot]

Test whether to enable the buttons

void KImportDlg::slotNewProfile ( void   )  [protected, slot]

Called when the user needs a new profile

void KImportDlg::slotOkClicked ( void   )  [protected, slot]

void KImportDlg::slotSelectProfile ( const QString &  text  )  [protected, slot]

void KImportDlg::loadProfiles ( const bool  selectLast = false  )  [private]

This method loads the available profiles into the combo box. The parameter selectLast controls if the last profile used is preset or not. If preset is not selected, the current selection remains. If the currently selected text is not present in the list anymore, the first item will be selected.

selectLast If true, the last used profile is selected. The default is false.

void KImportDlg::addCategories ( QStringList &  strList,
const QString &  id,
const QString &  leadIn 
) const [private]

This method is used to load an account hierarchy into a string list

strList Reference to the string list to setup
id Account id to add
leadIn constant leadin to be added in front of the account name

void KImportDlg::readConfig ( void   )  [private]

void KImportDlg::writeConfig ( void   )  [private]

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