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A view containing the home page for kmymoney2. More...

#include <khomeview.h>

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KMyMoneyViewBase QWidget
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Public Types

enum  paymentTypeE { Preferred = 1, Payment = 2 }

Public Slots

void show (void)
void slotOpenURL (const KURL &url, const KParts::URLArgs &args)
void slotLoadView (void)
void slotPrintView (void)


void ledgerSelected (const QString &id, const QString &transaction)
void scheduleSelected (const QString &id)
void reportSelected (const QString &id)

Public Member Functions

 KHomeView (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 ~KHomeView ()

Protected Member Functions

void showPayments (void)
void showPaymentEntry (const MyMoneySchedule &, int cnt=1)
void showAccounts (paymentTypeE type, const QString &hdr)
void showAccountEntry (const MyMoneyAccount &)
void showFavoriteReports (void)
void showForecast (void)
void showNetWorthGraph (void)
void showSummary (void)
void showAssetsLiabilities (void)
void showIncomeExpenseSummary (void)
void showSchedulesSummary (void)
void showBudget (void)
void showCashFlowSummary (void)
const QString link (const QString &view, const QString &query, const QString &title=QString()) const
const QString linkend (void) const
void loadView (void)

Private Types

typedef QMap< QDate, MyMoneyMoneydailyBalances

Private Member Functions

void showAccountEntry (const MyMoneyAccount &acc, const MyMoneyMoney &value, const MyMoneyMoney &valueToMinBal, const bool showMinBal)
MyMoneyMoney investmentBalance (const MyMoneyAccount &acc)
QString showColoredAmount (const QString &amount, bool isNegative)
void doForecast (void)
MyMoneyMoney forecastPaymentBalance (const MyMoneyAccount &acc, const MyMoneyMoney &payment, QDate &paymentDate)

Private Attributes

Private *const d
KHTMLPart * m_part
QVBoxLayout * m_qvboxlayoutPage
QString m_filename
bool m_showAllSchedules
bool m_needReload
MyMoneyForecast m_forecast
QMap< QString, dailyBalancesm_accountList

Detailed Description

Displays a 'home page' for the user. Similar to concepts used in quicken and m$-money.

Michael Edwardes

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef QMap<QDate, MyMoneyMoney> KHomeView::dailyBalances [private]

daily balances of an account

Member Enumeration Documentation

Definition of bitmap used as argument for showAccounts().

Preferred  show preferred accounts
Payment  show payment accounts

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KHomeView::KHomeView ( QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 

KHomeView::~KHomeView (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void KHomeView::showPayments ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showPaymentEntry ( const MyMoneySchedule ,
int  cnt = 1 
) [protected]

void KHomeView::showAccounts ( paymentTypeE  type,
const QString &  hdr 
) [protected]

void KHomeView::showAccountEntry ( const MyMoneyAccount  )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showFavoriteReports ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showForecast ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showNetWorthGraph ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showSummary ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showAssetsLiabilities ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showIncomeExpenseSummary ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showSchedulesSummary ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showBudget ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::showCashFlowSummary ( void   )  [protected]

const QString KHomeView::link ( const QString &  view,
const QString &  query,
const QString &  title = QString() 
) const [protected]

const QString KHomeView::linkend ( void   )  const [protected]

void KHomeView::loadView ( void   )  [protected]

void KHomeView::show ( void   )  [slot]

Overridden so we can emit the activated signal.


void KHomeView::slotOpenURL ( const KURL &  url,
const KParts::URLArgs &  args 
) [slot]

void KHomeView::slotLoadView ( void   )  [slot]

void KHomeView::slotPrintView ( void   )  [slot]

Print the current view

void KHomeView::ledgerSelected ( const QString &  id,
const QString &  transaction 
) [signal]

void KHomeView::scheduleSelected ( const QString &  id  )  [signal]

void KHomeView::reportSelected ( const QString &  id  )  [signal]

void KHomeView::showAccountEntry ( const MyMoneyAccount acc,
const MyMoneyMoney value,
const MyMoneyMoney valueToMinBal,
const bool  showMinBal 
) [private]

Print an account and its balance and limit

MyMoneyMoney KHomeView::investmentBalance ( const MyMoneyAccount acc  )  [private]

acc the investment account
the balance in the currency of the investment account

QString KHomeView::showColoredAmount ( const QString &  amount,
bool  isNegative 
) [private]

Print text in the color set for negative numbers, if amount is negative abd isNegative is true

void KHomeView::doForecast ( void   )  [private]

Run the forecast

MyMoneyMoney KHomeView::forecastPaymentBalance ( const MyMoneyAccount acc,
const MyMoneyMoney payment,
QDate &  paymentDate 
) [private]

Calculate the forecast balance after a payment has been made

Member Data Documentation

Private* const KHomeView::d [private]

Reimplemented from KMyMoneyViewBase.

KHTMLPart* KHomeView::m_part [private]

QVBoxLayout* KHomeView::m_qvboxlayoutPage [private]

QString KHomeView::m_filename [private]

bool KHomeView::m_needReload [private]

daily forecast balance of accounts

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