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#include <keditscheduledlg.h>

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KEditScheduleDlgDecl QDialog
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Public Member Functions

 KEditScheduleDlg (const MyMoneySchedule &schedule, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 ~KEditScheduleDlg ()
TransactionEditorstartEdit (void)
const MyMoneyScheduleschedule (void) const

Protected Member Functions

MyMoneyTransaction transaction (void) const
QDate adjustDate (const QDate &_date) const
bool focusNextPrevChild (bool next)
 Overridden for internal reasons. No API changes.
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *ev)
 Overridden for internal reasons. No API changes.

Private Slots

void slotSetupSize (void)
void slotRemainingChanged (int)
void slotEndDateChanged (const QDate &date)
void slotPostDateChanged (const QDate &date)
void slotSetPaymentMethod (int)
void slotFrequencyChanged (int item)
void slotShowHelp (void)
void slotOccurenceMultiplierChanged (int mult)
void accept (void)
 Overridden for internal reasons. No API changes.

Private Member Functions

void updateTransactionsRemaining (void)

Private Attributes

Private *const d

Detailed Description

Thomas Baumgart

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KEditScheduleDlg::KEditScheduleDlg ( const MyMoneySchedule schedule,
QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 

Standard QWidget constructor.

KEditScheduleDlg::~KEditScheduleDlg (  ) 

Standard destructor.

Member Function Documentation

TransactionEditor* KEditScheduleDlg::startEdit ( void   ) 

const MyMoneySchedule& KEditScheduleDlg::schedule ( void   )  const

Returns the edited schedule.

MyMoneySchedule The schedule details.

MyMoneyTransaction KEditScheduleDlg::transaction ( void   )  const [protected]

QDate KEditScheduleDlg::adjustDate ( const QDate &  _date  )  const [protected]

This method adjusts _date according to the rules specified by the schedule's weekend option.

bool KEditScheduleDlg::focusNextPrevChild ( bool  next  )  [protected]

void KEditScheduleDlg::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent *  ev  )  [protected]

void KEditScheduleDlg::slotSetupSize ( void   )  [private, slot]

void KEditScheduleDlg::slotRemainingChanged ( int   )  [private, slot]

void KEditScheduleDlg::slotEndDateChanged ( const QDate &  date  )  [private, slot]

void KEditScheduleDlg::slotPostDateChanged ( const QDate &  date  )  [private, slot]

void KEditScheduleDlg::slotSetPaymentMethod ( int   )  [private, slot]

void KEditScheduleDlg::slotFrequencyChanged ( int  item  )  [private, slot]

void KEditScheduleDlg::slotShowHelp ( void   )  [private, slot]

void KEditScheduleDlg::slotOccurenceMultiplierChanged ( int  mult  )  [private, slot]

void KEditScheduleDlg::accept ( void   )  [private, slot]

void KEditScheduleDlg::updateTransactionsRemaining ( void   )  [private]

Helper method to recalculate and update Transactions Remaining when other values are changed

Member Data Documentation

Private* const KEditScheduleDlg::d [private]

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