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#include <KDChartWidget.h>

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Public Slots

bool isActiveData () const
bool isDoubleBuffered () const
KDChartParamsparams () const
KDChartTableDataBasedata () const
const KDChartDataRegionListdataRegions () const
void setActiveData (bool active)
void setDoubleBuffered (bool doublebuffered)
void setParams (KDChartParams *params)
void setData (KDChartTableDataBase *data)
void paintTo (QPainter &painter, const QRect *rect=0)
void print (QPainter &painter, const QRect *rect=0)


void dataLeftClicked (uint row, uint col)
void dataLeftClicked (const QPoint &pnt)
void dataMiddleClicked (uint row, uint col)
void dataMiddleClicked (const QPoint &pnt)
void dataRightClicked (uint row, uint col)
void dataRightClicked (const QPoint &pnt)
void dataLeftPressed (uint row, uint col)
void dataLeftPressed (const QPoint &pnt)
void dataMiddlePressed (uint row, uint col)
void dataMiddlePressed (const QPoint &pnt)
void dataRightPressed (uint row, uint col)
void dataRightPressed (const QPoint &pnt)
void dataLeftReleased (uint row, uint col)
void dataLeftReleased (const QPoint &pnt)
void dataMiddleReleased (uint row, uint col)
void dataMiddleReleased (const QPoint &pnt)
void dataRightReleased (uint row, uint col)
void dataRightReleased (const QPoint &pnt)
void barsDisplayed (int barsDisplayed, int barsLeft)

Public Member Functions

 KDChartWidget (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 KDChartWidget (KDChartParams *params, KDChartTableDataBase *data, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 ~KDChartWidget ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *event)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *event)


bool activeData
bool doubleBuffered

Private Attributes

bool _activeData
bool _doubleBuffered
QPixmap _buffer
KDChartDataRegionList _dataRegions

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDChartWidget::KDChartWidget ( QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 

KDChartWidget::KDChartWidget ( KDChartParams params,
KDChartTableDataBase data,
QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 

KDChartWidget::~KDChartWidget (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool KDChartWidget::isActiveData (  )  const [slot]

bool KDChartWidget::isDoubleBuffered (  )  const [slot]

KDChartParams* KDChartWidget::params (  )  const [slot]

KDChartTableDataBase* KDChartWidget::data (  )  const [slot]

const KDChartDataRegionList* KDChartWidget::dataRegions (  )  const [inline, slot]

void KDChartWidget::setActiveData ( bool  active  )  [slot]

void KDChartWidget::setDoubleBuffered ( bool  doublebuffered  )  [slot]

void KDChartWidget::setParams ( KDChartParams params  )  [slot]

void KDChartWidget::setData ( KDChartTableDataBase data  )  [slot]

void KDChartWidget::paintTo ( QPainter &  painter,
const QRect *  rect = 0 
) [slot]

void KDChartWidget::print ( QPainter &  painter,
const QRect *  rect = 0 
) [slot]

void KDChartWidget::dataLeftClicked ( uint  row,
uint  col 
) [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataLeftClicked ( const QPoint &  pnt  )  [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataMiddleClicked ( uint  row,
uint  col 
) [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataMiddleClicked ( const QPoint &  pnt  )  [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataRightClicked ( uint  row,
uint  col 
) [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataRightClicked ( const QPoint &  pnt  )  [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataLeftPressed ( uint  row,
uint  col 
) [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataLeftPressed ( const QPoint &  pnt  )  [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataMiddlePressed ( uint  row,
uint  col 
) [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataMiddlePressed ( const QPoint &  pnt  )  [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataRightPressed ( uint  row,
uint  col 
) [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataRightPressed ( const QPoint &  pnt  )  [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataLeftReleased ( uint  row,
uint  col 
) [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataLeftReleased ( const QPoint &  pnt  )  [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataMiddleReleased ( uint  row,
uint  col 
) [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataMiddleReleased ( const QPoint &  pnt  )  [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataRightReleased ( uint  row,
uint  col 
) [signal]

void KDChartWidget::dataRightReleased ( const QPoint &  pnt  )  [signal]

void KDChartWidget::barsDisplayed ( int  barsDisplayed,
int  barsLeft 
) [signal]

virtual void KDChartWidget::paintEvent ( QPaintEvent *  event  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual void KDChartWidget::mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual void KDChartWidget::mouseReleaseEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual void KDChartWidget::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent *  event  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

QPixmap KDChartWidget::_buffer [private]

Property Documentation

bool KDChartWidget::activeData [read, write]

bool KDChartWidget::doubleBuffered [read, write]

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