KDChartRingPainter Class Reference

#include <KDChartRingPainter.h>

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Protected Member Functions

 KDChartRingPainter (KDChartParams *params)
virtual ~KDChartRingPainter ()
virtual void paintData (QPainter *painter, KDChartTableDataBase *data, bool paint2nd, KDChartDataRegionList *regions=0)
void drawOneSegment (QPainter *painter, uint outerRadius, uint innerRadius, double startAngle, double angles, uint dataset, uint value, uint chart, bool explode, KDChartDataRegionList *regions=0)
virtual QString fallbackLegendText (uint dataset) const
virtual uint numLegendFallbackTexts (KDChartTableDataBase *data) const

Protected Attributes

QRect _position
int _size
int _numValues


class KDChartPainter

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDChartRingPainter::KDChartRingPainter ( KDChartParams params  )  [protected]

virtual KDChartRingPainter::~KDChartRingPainter (  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void KDChartRingPainter::paintData ( QPainter *  painter,
KDChartTableDataBase data,
bool  paint2nd,
KDChartDataRegionList regions = 0 
) [protected, virtual]

Implements KDChartPainter.

void KDChartRingPainter::drawOneSegment ( QPainter *  painter,
uint  outerRadius,
uint  innerRadius,
double  startAngle,
double  angles,
uint  dataset,
uint  value,
uint  chart,
bool  explode,
KDChartDataRegionList regions = 0 
) [protected]

virtual QString KDChartRingPainter::fallbackLegendText ( uint  dataset  )  const [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from KDChartPainter.

virtual uint KDChartRingPainter::numLegendFallbackTexts ( KDChartTableDataBase data  )  const [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from KDChartPainter.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class KDChartPainter [friend]

Member Data Documentation

QRect KDChartRingPainter::_position [protected]

int KDChartRingPainter::_size [protected]

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