KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings Class Reference

#include <KDChartParams.h>

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Public Member Functions

 KDChartFrameSettings ()
 KDChartFrameSettings (uint dataRow, uint dataCol, uint data3rd, const KDFrame &frame, int outerGapX, int outerGapY, int innerGapX, int innerGapY, bool addFrameWidthToLayout=true, bool addFrameHeightToLayout=true)
uint dataRow () const
uint dataCol () const
uint data3rd () const
void setDataRow (uint dataRow)
void setDataCol (uint dataCol)
void setData3rd (uint data3rd)
void resetFrame ()
const KDFrameframePtr () const
const KDFrameframe () const
int innerGapX () const
int innerGapY () const
int outerGapX () const
int outerGapY () const
bool addFrameWidthToLayout () const
bool addFrameHeightToLayout () const
virtual ~KDChartFrameSettings ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void createFrameSettingsNode (QDomDocument &document, QDomNode &parent, const QString &elementName, const KDChartFrameSettings *settings, uint areaId)
static bool readFrameSettingsNode (const QDomElement &element, KDChartFrameSettings &settings, uint &areaId)
static void deepCopy (KDChartFrameSettings &D, const KDChartFrameSettings &R)

Private Member Functions

 KDChartFrameSettings (const KDChartFrameSettings &)
KDChartFrameSettingsoperator= (const KDChartFrameSettings &)

Private Attributes

uint _dataRow
uint _dataCol
uint _data3rd
int _outerGapX
int _outerGapY
int _innerGapX
int _innerGapY
bool _addFrameWidthToLayout
bool _addFrameHeightToLayout

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::KDChartFrameSettings (  ) 

KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::KDChartFrameSettings ( uint  dataRow,
uint  dataCol,
uint  data3rd,
const KDFrame frame,
int  outerGapX,
int  outerGapY,
int  innerGapX,
int  innerGapY,
bool  addFrameWidthToLayout = true,
bool  addFrameHeightToLayout = true 

virtual KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::~KDChartFrameSettings (  )  [virtual]

KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::KDChartFrameSettings ( const KDChartFrameSettings  )  [inline, private]

Member Function Documentation

uint KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::dataRow (  )  const [inline]

uint KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::dataCol (  )  const [inline]

uint KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::data3rd (  )  const [inline]

void KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::setDataRow ( uint  dataRow  )  [inline]

void KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::setDataCol ( uint  dataCol  )  [inline]

void KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::setData3rd ( uint  data3rd  )  [inline]

void KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::resetFrame (  )  [inline]

const KDFrame* KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::framePtr (  )  const [inline]

const KDFrame& KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::frame (  )  const [inline]

int KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::innerGapX (  )  const [inline]

int KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::innerGapY (  )  const [inline]

int KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::outerGapX (  )  const [inline]

int KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::outerGapY (  )  const [inline]

bool KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::addFrameWidthToLayout (  )  const [inline]

bool KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::addFrameHeightToLayout (  )  const [inline]

static void KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::createFrameSettingsNode ( QDomDocument &  document,
QDomNode &  parent,
const QString &  elementName,
const KDChartFrameSettings settings,
uint  areaId 
) [static]

static bool KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::readFrameSettingsNode ( const QDomElement &  element,
KDChartFrameSettings settings,
uint &  areaId 
) [static]

static void KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::deepCopy ( KDChartFrameSettings D,
const KDChartFrameSettings R 
) [inline, static]

KDChartFrameSettings& KDChartParams::KDChartFrameSettings::operator= ( const KDChartFrameSettings  )  [inline, private]

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