KDChartListTablePrivate Class Reference

#include <KDChartListTable.h>

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Public Member Functions

 KDChartListTablePrivate ()
 KDChartListTablePrivate (uint _rows, uint _cols)
 KDChartListTablePrivate (const KDChartListTablePrivate &_t)
 ~KDChartListTablePrivate ()
void expand (uint _rows, uint _cols)
const KDChartDatacell (uint _row, uint _col) const
KDChartDatacell (uint _row, uint _col)
void setCell (uint _row, uint _col, const KDChartData &_element)
void clearCell (uint _row, uint _col)
void clearAllCells ()
int & row (uint _row)
const int & row (uint _row) const
void setRow (uint _row, const int &_v)
int & col (uint _col)
const int & col (uint _col) const
void setCol (uint _col, const int &_v)
void insertColumn (uint _c)
void insertRow (uint _r)
void removeColumn (uint _c)
void removeRow (uint _r)

Public Attributes

QValueList< KDChartDatamatrix
QValueList< int > row_list
QValueList< int > col_list
uint col_count
uint row_count

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDChartListTablePrivate::KDChartListTablePrivate (  )  [inline]

KDChartListTablePrivate::KDChartListTablePrivate ( uint  _rows,
uint  _cols 
) [inline]

KDChartListTablePrivate::KDChartListTablePrivate ( const KDChartListTablePrivate _t  )  [inline]

KDChartListTablePrivate::~KDChartListTablePrivate (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void KDChartListTablePrivate::expand ( uint  _rows,
uint  _cols 
) [inline]

const KDChartData& KDChartListTablePrivate::cell ( uint  _row,
uint  _col 
) const [inline]

KDChartData& KDChartListTablePrivate::cell ( uint  _row,
uint  _col 
) [inline]

void KDChartListTablePrivate::setCell ( uint  _row,
uint  _col,
const KDChartData _element 
) [inline]

void KDChartListTablePrivate::clearCell ( uint  _row,
uint  _col 
) [inline]

void KDChartListTablePrivate::clearAllCells (  )  [inline]

int& KDChartListTablePrivate::row ( uint  _row  )  [inline]

const int& KDChartListTablePrivate::row ( uint  _row  )  const [inline]

void KDChartListTablePrivate::setRow ( uint  _row,
const int &  _v 
) [inline]

int& KDChartListTablePrivate::col ( uint  _col  )  [inline]

const int& KDChartListTablePrivate::col ( uint  _col  )  const [inline]

void KDChartListTablePrivate::setCol ( uint  _col,
const int &  _v 
) [inline]

void KDChartListTablePrivate::insertColumn ( uint  _c  )  [inline]

void KDChartListTablePrivate::insertRow ( uint  _r  )  [inline]

void KDChartListTablePrivate::removeColumn ( uint  _c  )  [inline]

void KDChartListTablePrivate::removeRow ( uint  _r  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

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