KDChartDataRegionList Class Reference

The collection class used by KD Chart to store data region information. More...

#include <KDChartDataRegion.h>

Detailed Description

This class is derived from QPtrList, so all of the Qt documentation for this class is valid for KDChartDataRegionList too.

Normally there is no need to use this class yourself, since it is instantiated by the KDChartWidget. If however you are not using the KDChartWidget class but calling the painting methods of KDChart directly, make sure to either free the pointer stored in KDChartDataRegionList manually, or to call setAutoDelete( true ) to let your KDChartDataRegionList own these pointers: in this case please also make sure to call the clear() method whenever you want your KDChartDataRegionList to free these pointers. Note that all of this ONLY applies in case of NOT using the KDChartWidget.
See also:
KDChart, KDChartWidget

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